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HTC will cut a range of new smartphones

HTC has long been the market leader in smartphones in terms of sales its beats almost third echelon, and all because of the inadequate prices of new vehicles. In 2018, she decided to change everything, but it does not mean that she will be releasing more smartphones at a reasonable price. Alas, quite the opposite.

As it became known, in the new year, HTC is going to release less smartphones compared to the current, and from January to December 2017, she presented as many as 7 new models. In 2018 will be a maximum four or five new cell phone, and free up money HTC put into advertising. And is necessary as-that to beat off, as well as other costs, and at the end will receive a Quartet of smartphones, the price is not the most favorable, and everything will return to normal: each blogger will say about the absurdity of buying new products from HTC the more affordable counterparts from Xiaomi, and purchase these new products will only true fans of the brand.

In essence, HTC wants to adopt the Apple model, which produces two-three cell phones a year, and the rest spends on marketing and logistics. But Apple knows it, and now greatly decreased quality, but this brand is recognizable to billions of people, then how about the HTC know the high millions and even then not in all countries. Its first smartphone in 2018 she, by the way, will be shown at CES in January or MWC in February.

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