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How will the ZAZ Lanos 2020

Как будет выглядеть ЗАЗ Ланос 2020 It looks very modern.

Popular in Ukraine, ZAZ Lanos may soon get a new model in modern design. Legendary car can be on the conveyor in 2020. The Network has already appeared the first photos of the prototype of the legendary car.

Как будет выглядеть ЗАЗ Ланос 2020

At the disposal of edition car portal turned out to be pictures of sketches, which can hint on development model of new generation. The figures prototype no clarifying inscriptions on a specific model, in addition to signboard ZAZ. However, the pictured car could be just the new Lanos.

Как будет выглядеть ЗАЗ Ланос 2020

The origin of the model indicates the similarity of the sketches with the concept of ZAZ Lanos M in 2007. On the conveyor to send the car planned in 2009, but the idea did not continue, because the plant took the vector for the production of ZAZ Forza.

Как будет выглядеть ЗАЗ Ланос 2020

Design Lanos new generation looks very modern. Please note some increases in the size of the headlamps and a larger radiator grille with chrome décor and a large logo of the manufacturer. Also worth noting is evolved plastic front bumper and “boomerangs” daytime running lights.

Of course, his design always abound with beautiful elements like the huge wheels, long hoods and small area of glazing. But subsequent technological standards and safety requirements always make adjustments to the proportions of the car.

On the technical components of innovations not yet known. But it would be logical to use most of the previous components and even platform that is well adapted to the harsh and difficult conditions of Ukrainian roads. This approach would ensure rapid development and relatively inexpensive manufacture modern and affordable car.

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