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How to save money on hotel booking. Photo

Как сэкономить на бронировании отеля. ФотоWe want to give you some practical tips on how to save money on booking hotels.

Today it has become fashionable to plan and organize the trip.

And these decisions will have a strong case: why pay someone else for something I can do myself? To buy tickets, choose and book a hotel room, consider a holiday to find interesting excursions – all under the power of any tourist.

Need a little time, patience and a great desire to make a holiday unforgettable.

So, the hotel… the place that should combine quality, comfort and good location. Another is that the cost is not biting.

Secrets cheap reservation rooms in hotels (hostels, private villas and cottages):

Use the special online booking systems
Of course, you can go directly to the official website of the hotel, select room, select the dates and make your booking. But! The reservation system on the world wide web, which number over a dozen, allow you to pick several different options. You need to specify the country, city, dates of stay, your preferred type of room and number of guests. If you have any additional comments, you can usually choose the option “Other” (or something similar to that name) and there to celebrate. In the reservation system you can filter the list with the given price segment, popularity, rating, etc. According to their own priority requirements (for example, the lowest price per night, high hotel rating, positive reviews and the rest of the map, etc.), choose the display option from the list.

Как сэкономить на бронировании отеля. Фото

Promotions, bonuses, great offers – why not take advantage
Again send you to the online booking systems of the hotel rooms. This is where you can keep track of the different special discounts or any promotions. Trying to attract the attention of tourists, the hotels offer different “Goodies” in the form of reduced prices. However, looking at the official website of the hotel, did not find such information? All right, usually favorable action or terms of accommodation can be found only in the reservation system via the Internet, as there is high competition and need to stand out favorably against other.

Как сэкономить на бронировании отеля. Фото

The optimum date
As you know, on weekends and on holidays the cost of hotel accommodation may be above the standard rates. This is due to the large influx of tourists. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to shift the dates of their trip, then think about it. Why pay more?

Compare prices
Opened several online booking systems, have completed all information for the search and the result is significantly different? Yes, it happens very often. The difference can be substantial, sometimes even in the range of 20-30%. What is the reason? Different systems – different terms of cooperation. For example, the interest rate can significantly affect the cost of the same room. Compare prices on multiple systems, you can find the best option to stay.

Как сэкономить на бронировании отеля. Фото

Make your reservation in advance
Here is the same principle as when you purchase tickets early before check-in date booked/purchased a hotel room, the lower your living expenses.

City center, popular neighborhoods, historical or architectural monuments, areas with an abundance of Nightclubs, restaurants, cafeterias, etc. influence the formation of prices in hotels. If you don’t mind the location, choose a more remote areas, because there is much cheaper. In cities with excellent infrastructure, you can even look for a place to stay in the suburbs.

Как сэкономить на бронировании отеля. Фото

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