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How to make a hell of a mask of Jason (VIDEO)

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We have already reported that in the upcoming Friday the 13th: The Game will be presented a completely new way Voorhees created by Tom Savigny, a living icon of chinkororo. In March, Zone Horror have shown the appearance of the hell’s Jason from all angles, in a mask and without.

One can see that the man had been in the underworld. The eye sockets dancing flames, the mask was smoky, sometimes broken, and of the fight with Freddy Krueger left his mark. Anyway, that’s cool.

It is not surprising that a fan under the pseudonym Big Hush set out to recreate this mask in my life. And he did it. And even took video so that anyone can repeat his experience. Fortunately, nothing over-complicated about it. The result, however, is not drawn to the work of art from Tom Mancini, but still very cool. So if you want to impress a girl, for example, the best outfit you can imagine! Well, in my world, so, at least.

By the way, all this Big Hush writes music, reads and writes rap videos. Although in my opinion, for gradient would be enough, and recreate the masks of Jason, Yes.

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