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How much you spend on Christmas in different countries of the world. Photo

Сколько тратят на Рождество в разных странах мира. ФотоThe holidays aren’t cheap.

Christmas without doubt is one of the most expensive days of the year for many families around the world. The study showed that Christmas is the most expensive cost to residents of Switzerland, Norway and the UK.

About how many are actually worth such an annual Christmas shopping, like food, Christmas trees, gifts or trips told financial experts from the company Revolut.


Сколько тратят на Рождество в разных странах мира. Фото

Britain is well known for its high price of alcohol: 0,5 l glass of beer here costs an average of about € 3.40, and in the most expensive areas (say, in Surrey) can reach even 5 euros. But if you go to the Czech Republic, the beer you can drink in less than 0,90 Euro, i.e. almost four times cheaper than in the UK. In Ukraine even cheaper here: a beer costs about 0.50-0.60 Euro.

If you wish to enjoy sparkling wine, the Europeans should plan their holidays in Estonia, where a bottle of sparkling wine can be purchased for 22-23 euros. In London the cost of one bottle averages around 33 euros. But, in the category of the most expensive sparkling wines the winner was the Prague, where the cost per bottle is € 55.

European countries where you can buy the cheapest beer:

Ukraine: 0,50–0,60 Euro
Czech Republic: 0,90 Euro
Bulgaria: 0,96 EUR

European countries where you can buy the most expensive glass of beer:

Norway (Oslo): 8 Euro
France: 5,28 EUR
Switzerland (Zurich): of 5.23 EUR


Сколько тратят на Рождество в разных странах мира. Фото

Generally, holidays are impossible to imagine without some sort of travel: home on the train, in a taxi after the party, transporting friends or relatives by car. Of course, the cost of taxi services differs, depending on the purpose, duration of trip, or the selected roads, but the London trip (at a distance of 3 km) is an average of 10.63 euros.

In Sofia – capital of Bulgaria, a taxi ride will cost an average of about 2.15 euros. But if you’re wondering whether to call a taxi in Zurich, I advise you to think carefully, because you will have to pay for 21.75 euros per trip for a distance of 3 km.

The cheapest taxi in Europe (trip distance of 3 km):

Vilnius: 1,80 EUR
Sofia, Bulgaria: 2,15 EUR
Warsaw, Poland: 3,48 €

The most expensive taxi in Europe (trip distance of 3 km):

Zurich, Switzerland: 21,75 Euro
London, England: 10,64 EUR
Oslo, Norway: 8,99 Euro

Speaking of trips home at Christmas, Switzerland again ranks first in the list of the most expensive countries from the calculation of the average cost per trip for a distance of a hundred kilometers. In this country, this trip will cost you around € 47,44, while in Ukraine the cost of these trips low – some 1.56 euros on average. Estonia also falls into the group of the cheapest trips on trains – an average of 5.55 euros.

The cheapest train travel in Europe:

Ukraine: 1,56 EUR
Bulgaria: 2.84 EUR
Latvia: 3,04 EUR

The most expensive rail service in Europe:

Switzerland: 47,44 €
UK: 23,44 EUR
Holland: 21,86 EUR


Сколько тратят на Рождество в разных странах мира. Фото

If you are looking for a gift for true lover of latest technology, it is likely you to come to mind is the iPhone X. Such a gift (card 64 GB) will be the highest in Hungary, where he is 1292,94 euros. In comparison with the country which could be cheaper just to buy a phone, the price difference is about 200 euros. It may seem strange the fact that in Europe, this phone can be bought cheaper in Switzerland cost 1048,50 euros. Estonia, where the iPhone is X 1169 Euro, falls into the group of countries with lower prices. The cost of the gift in Latvia and Lithuania, slightly higher – 1179 euros.

The cheapest smartphones iPhone model X in Europe:

Switzerland: 1048,50 Euro
UK: 1133,50 Euro
Luxembourg: EUR 1136,20

The most expensive smartphone iPhone model X in Europe:

Hungary: 1252,94 Euro
Denmark: Euro 1212,39
Sweden: 1209,90 Euro

Christmas trees

Сколько тратят на Рождество в разных странах мира. Фото

It is almost impossible to imagine Christmas with no tree, but real Christmas trees can be very different across countries, depending on the size or type. In the UK the average cost of a living spruce tree is about 29 euros, but you can get a tree even for 115 euros. In Bulgaria the average cost of eating is only 13 Euro, in Lithuania – about 22 euros, and in Latvia – about 23. The Italians, for example, often choose artificial trees because the cost of living is as much as 70 euros!

The most expensive spruce in Europe:

Italy: EUR 70
in Switzerland: 35.20 Euro
in Sweden: 30.12 EUR

Cheapest eating in Europe:

in Bulgaria: EUR 13
in Romania: 15,08 EUR
in Poland: 15,40 EUR

Christmas treats

Сколько тратят на Рождество в разных странах мира. Фото

In addition to gifts for Christmas, a large part of the household budget allocated to Christmas treats. British families spend an average of about 197 Euro for festive lunch: a Turkey costs about 23 euros, while in Poland a bird of similar weight costs about of 5.23 euros, in Estonia – about 16 euros, and in Latvia – about 15. A kilo of carrots in Latvia is an average of 0.37 euros in England – 0,51 euros and in Switzerland will have to fork out and give to 2.23 euros.

The cheapest Turkey in Europe:

in Ukraine 3,88 Euro
in Poland of 5.23 EUR
in Romania 8,41 €

The most expensive Turkey in Europe:

in Norway: 39,07 EUR
in the Netherlands in the accounting period by 34.45 EUR
in the UK: 22,71 EUR

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