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Horrific images of world war II. Photo

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. ФотоThe second World war was the most brutal and bloodiest in the history of mankind.

She sucked in a deadly dozens of countries and peoples. And seeing first-hand documentary evidence, patterns of death, dispassionately recorded by the camera, it is impossible not to shudder. It’s hard to say what’s scarier in this collection, massive slaughterhouses or terrible, unstoppable the moment of death of a single man.

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Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

The recovery of bodies from a mass grave in the Katyn forest. According to the documents here were shot more than 21 thousands of poles – as captured officers, and political prisoners.

The Warsaw ghetto

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

The inhabitants of the Warsaw ghetto before the execution. Murder in the ghetto happened every day: kill the old and infirm, women and children… in Addition to the ghetto reigned the terrible distress and famine. Not wanting to meekly wait for death, the inhabitants of the Warsaw ghetto revolted. From April 19 to may 16, 1943 on the streets of the ghetto were fierce battles. The Germans entered the ghetto, the military, and cutting off quarter after quarter, and brutally suppressed resistance. In total, during this time, killed more than 7000 of the rebels.

A massacre in Malmedy

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

During the fighting in the Ardennes near the Belgian village of Malmedy was captured 84 American soldier. All of them, the SS men were shot in the field. Several prisoners managed to escape. They brought the news about the massacre at Malmedy to the American command.

A shark attack on the crew of “Indianapolis”

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

28 July 1945 the USS Indianapolis left the port of Japan, having on Board part of the details of the atomic bomb, which was scheduled to drop on enemy territory. But the next day the “Indianapolis” was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine and sank. But this was only the beginning of a nightmare. To be submersed in water the sailors were attacked by a pack of hungry sharks. According to approximate calculations, from the teeth of hungry predators killed up to 150 people. The death of sailors “Indianapolis” is considered the most massive in the history of death from the teeth of sharks. In the picture a doctor examines the terrible wounds from the shark’s teeth from one of the survivors.

The massacre in Nanjing

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

Murder on the streets of Nanjing in 1938. When the Japanese captured Nanjing during the Sino-Japanese war, they, irritated by the stubborn resistance of the Chinese, behaved with unprecedented cruelty. Nearly a hundred thousand soldiers who surrendered were shot. Soldiers attacked civilians and beaten, tortured, maimed and killed them. Account raped and then murdered women were in the thousands.

Leningrad blockade

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

During the siege of corpses on the street was so familiar part of the landscape that nobody paid attention.

The Bombing Of Dresden

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

The thrust of the bombing of Dresden in 1945, almost crownable the city, many still consider it a humanitarian crime of the Anglo-American allies. In Dresden, culture in General, which, alas, was not strategic and military enterprises, but there were many masterpieces of world architecture and culture, which, alas, humanity was forced to say goodbye forever.


Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

The battle of Stalingrad is considered the largest land battle in the history of warfare. The red Army losses in killed and wounded amounted to more than a million people. That same loss was the Germans. In the eyes of this German prisoner has left, it seems, nothing human.


Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

At the end of the war, in 1945, Japan appeared the first groups of pilots, kamikaze, listen to the call of Emperor Hirohito honored to die for their country. Usually young, often paleobotany pilots-suicide bombers sent their cars on bases and ships of the allies in the Pacific. A bitter irony lies in the fact that the attacks of the kamikaze did not always reach the goal – both because of the defense of allies, and own a small training. Young men, fanatics died in vain.

“The sea wolves”

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

“Sea wolves” during the battle of the Atlantic were called groups of German submarines, riscassi on the ocean and with the same ruthlessness stoked both military and commercial vessels. During the war the “sea wolves” sank around 4000 ships, which killed about 75 thousand people, because rescue in the open ocean for people almost was not. In the photo – ship, torpedoed by one of the water wolves beneath the sea.

The Italians in Ethiopia

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

Before the Second world war, in 1935, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini declared war on Ethiopia. Mussolini deliberately chose the weakest opponent. For example, the Italian army had 1,400 tanks and planes, and the Ethiopian army (pictured), there were only two dozen pieces of equipment, and the army is a large part of another was armed with spears. During the fighting killed nearly a million Ethiopians.

Polish cavalry against German tanks

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

Desperate and suicidal attack of the Polish cavalry on German tanks led to the mass death of Polish soldiers. Photo: the consequences of such an attack.

Mass murder in Odessa

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

A few days after the capture of Odessa in the headquarters exploded a powerful mine, planted by the retreating Soviet troops. This explosion was the signal to start the massacre by the Romanians in Odessa. Repression primarily affected Roma and Jews. A few weeks in the city killed more than 15 thousand Gypsies, and more than 34 thousand Jews. In the picture is one of the places of mass executions.

The attack of crocodiles on the island of Ramri

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

During the battle on the island of Ramri about a thousand survivors of the Japanese, pressed by the British troops, under cover of night, decided to retire from their pursuit of the enemy through the swamps. It was a fateful decision. Witnesses say the swamp all night heard screams and gunshots. By morning, the Bank issued only about 50 survivors. According to them, the rest were dragged beneath the water by the local voracious crocodiles.

The tragedy in the village of Stavelot

Ужасающие снимки времен Второй мировой. Фото

The command of the SS, who took the Belgian village of Stavelot, accused its residents that they are hiding an American soldier. Americans in the village did not find, but angered the SS, convinced that the local had deceived them, shot all of the villagers – 67 men, 47 women and 23 children. In the picture – the place of execution in Stavelot.

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