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Hordes of caterpillars act like a zombie (VIDEO)

At night, kushmaro-generating real video in the Area of Horror. Filmed recently at the end of April, in Thailand, one of the locals. On the sidewalk the man saw a strange-looking rope wrapped loop. When the person got closer, we could see what is in this “loop”.

It turned out that the tens, if not hundreds of tracks stuck together and thus somewhere crawled by their crawler.

One is forced to remember images from the film “world War Z”, where hordes of zombies stuck together, to climb over high walls (and even helicopters were demolished!).

For the tip on the video again say “thank you” to comrade Michael the Kios. Recall that with the filing of Mikhail, we learned about a young actor, Three the James, which, as nobody is able to show the “spider walk.” It’s funny that AFTER we wrote about Three on the NTV channel, came devoted to his own material:

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