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Hope for Russia?

На что надеяться России?

Heard the arguments of economists about what prevents Russia to develop, and tried to formulate constraints on the points — its and offered in speeches.

1. The monopolization. Of state monopoly is completely ineffective, but ineffective are not only state-owned companies. In other words — oligarchization. A simpler — the mafia structure of the economy, when all the money flows from the budget and in the budget sitting trusted people. Sawmill does not stop.

2. Sanctions. Then I economists have not really heard articulated reasons. Not the sanctions themselves, and the adventurist foreign policy that leads to sanctions… Hence the slogan-and utterly false “import substitution”, i.e. the isolation and preservation of backwardness.

3. Overhead costs under Patriotic slogans. One goal — embezzlement.

4. Insecurity of property rights, and indeed any rights. The lack of independent and fair courts, inequality before the law: the state as such just yet.

5. The absence of civil society in the absence of the taxpayers, understanding that they are taxpayers and that their money is arranged in the whole Banquet. Disguised taxes and slavish psychology of work in the public sector.

6. Archaism. Salvation in prayers and chanting the deeds of their ancestors.

7. Finally, negative selection in the decision-making system.

And how to live, citizens? Hope for Russia?

Mikhail Krutikhin, economic analyst

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