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Hold on tight: the most extreme bridges in the world. Photo

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. ФотоAs you know, the most dangerous bridges is suspended.

Too old, too narrow or too high – today, they are sites of global significance and attract the attention of thousands of travelers.

Many of them walk the bridges becomes a favorite pastime, and if local residents transition from the old and swinging bridge is a forced necessity, that of gambling tourists, the best way to get the adrenaline pumping. The most dangerous for hundreds of years rope and suspension bridges, the mere appearance is able to strike terror. These particular bridges will be discussed in this review. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. Trift Bridge, Switzerland

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

One of the leading positions in the list of the most dangerous bridges in the world is the Trift bridge is located in the Swiss Canton of Bern. It was built relatively recently, in 2004, at the initiative of one of the major energy companies that carried out works on the Trift glacier. Five years later, was the first reconstruction of the bridge was extended with a new stabilizing steel ropes. Initially, one of the major problems of the bridge was a huge movement in the wind he swung hard, making passage on the bridge deadly event. This threat can still be seen today at the bridge and now, despite the additional strengthening.

Passing over the eponymous lake, the Trift bridge still retains the status as the most dangerous and the highest suspension bridge in Europe. Its width is not more than a meter and length of about 170 meters. The construction of the bridge was spent quite an impressive amount – more than 1.5 million Swiss francs. Currently, he is an attraction for the tourists for walking bridge is available only in calm windless weather. From the Trift bridge offers a great panoramic view of the lake and the good visibility well visible part of the nearby Italy.

2. Hussaini Suspension Bridge, Pakistan

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Deserves the attention of fans of extreme entertainment Hussaini suspension bridge, located in Pakistan. It was designed to go across the river Gonzi, the current bridge is the second one. The fact that this area is characterized by windy weather, and therefore constructed of thin ropes and boards the first bridge was almost completely destroyed. Its surviving elements can still be seen next to the existing bridge, which only adds excitement to tourists.

Construction of the second bridge also does not have reliability, it was built of the simplest materials – ropes and planks. Hussaini suspension bridge is very old, the exact date of its construction can not remember even the locals. For years, many boards failed, and the gaps between the remaining boards have become quite impressive.

A huge hole in the bridge and an icy wind that never ceases to blow literally every minute, making the jump across the river Gunzy incredibly dangerous. Hussaini suspension bridge is located near the eponymous village, according to the recollections of local residents, during the transition it killed at least ten people. He is considered the most dangerous bridge in the world, the constant cold wind that blows from the mountains of the Karakoram, making the trek even more dangerous.

3. Bridge Carrick-a-rede, Northern Ireland

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Located in the British County of Antrim, bridge Carrick-a-rede has long been one of the most popular attractions of the region. The main part of Ireland it connects with the small island of Carrick, whose name literally translates as “stone”. The name of the bridge, in turn, can be translated as “the road to the stone” since ancient times, the tiny island has attracted local fishermen. They had built the first bridge to the migratory patterns of salmon unimpeded access to the Islands and to go fishing.

The first bridge Carrick-a-reed rope, each year fishermen have to rebuild it.

A shaky rope bridge was available for transfer only to the most brave people, one awkward movement can lead to loss of balance and cost them their lives. Over time, the fishing places were exhausted, and the bridge was unnecessary, a few years ago, he became the winner of the competition of the most extreme attractions in Northern Ireland. For the reconstruction of the bridge was allocated a large sum, today it is a popular tourist attraction. Despite the fact that the bridge is seriously strengthened and supplemented by wooden beams, he’s still incredibly shaky and movable. Each year, the bridge attracts more than 250,000 tourists and the passage is not free and costs about 5 pounds.

4. Capilano Bridge, Canada

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Year of creation: 1956. Length: 136 meters.

Located in the immediate vicinity of Vancouver, Capilano bridge is considered not only extreme, but also one of the most attractive on the planet. It serves to bridge the capilano river, and is located in incredibly beautiful natural setting surrounded by evergreen forests. At the entrance to the bridge you can see the totem poles that were erected in honor of the leader of the Squamish tribe. A few hundred years ago, his tribe lived on the territory of the modern city, it was named after the Capilano river, and subsequently the bridge.

The first bridge was built in 1889, the development of the project was carried out by Scottish engineer George Grant Mackay. The bridge, on which tourists can stroll today, was opened in 1956. Its length is 136 meters, the design is totally secure and can withstand the weight of 96 elephants.

Despite the guarantee of full security, the transition over the bridge still requires a lot of exposure, he is at a great height and significantly resonates while walking. People who are afraid of heights, even a few seconds of stay on the bridge can cause an attack of vertigo and panic. It is also worth noting that the Capilano bridge is private property, so the passage is paid. Every year this unique attraction is visited by around 900 000 tourists, next to the bridge in the national Park there are a variety of attractions and entertainment options.

5. Bridge Ojuela, Mexico

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Year of creation: 1898. Length: 275 meters.
One of the most dangerous and mysterious on the planet is the bridge Ojuela located in Mexico. Construction of a bridge across a deep canyon took place in 1898, he served the shortest transition to the city-Ojuela mine, where active mining of precious metals and other minerals. On the project first bridge was developed by sons of world-famous engineer John Roebling; the most famous of his creations is the Brooklyn bridge.

After the completion of the bridge Ojuela for many years remained one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. It featured high strength, to strengthen his design, the developers used steel cables, the end of the 19th century was a major innovation. The bridge was actively used by the workers, and when gold and silver mines were exhausted, fell into disrepair, and the city Kuala. Today laid at a great height the bridge is attractive for lovers of extreme sports. The passage is unwittingly gives a feeling of “weightlessness”, and thanks to the open design of the bridge and an impressive height. Add fear and located on all sides the sharp rocks, the rush of adrenaline while walking across the bridge is guaranteed. Today, this large bridge, whose length is more than 275 metres, is among the prominent tourist attractions. These places are fans of photography, the bridge offers gorgeous views of the canyon. [More Monkey bridges]

6. Monkey bridges, Vietnam

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Very unusual facilities for the terminal are located in the southern part of Vietnam in various areas of the Mekong Delta. In appearance they only vaguely resemble the classic bridges, for which he received an unusual name – “Monkey”. Contrary to popular belief that they are suitable only for the crossing of monkeys, bridges has for many years helped locals. For such constructions are traditionally used thick bamboo stalks (quite slippery, making it difficult to pass), which are held together by ropes. The railings of these bridges are exclusively symbolic, to successfully overcome one of the Monkey bridges, people have to move hunched, from a distance they do resemble monkeys.

Builders of structures are the most common locals, because bridges are rather fragile, they are constantly being destroyed and have to be rebuilt. Among Monkey bridges there are short and long, quite high and low remains unchanged, only the peculiar form of these fragile structures. To break down the fragile bridge may at any time, to pass it you need to use the most comfortable shoes with rubberized soles, otherwise with fine stems of bamboo, you can easily slip off. Despite the fact that bridges are used to cross the shallow river, the prospect of swimming in the murky waters doesn’t appeal to travelers, and only adds to the excitement.

7. U Pain Bridge, Myanmar

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Year of creation: 19th century. Length: 1200 meters.

More than 150 years ago the people of Myanmar built a ferry across the lake Townhome U Pain bridge, it differs from the many suspension and rope bridges, which can be seen in other countries. The construction of the bridge began in the second half of the 19th century, during the reign of king Mindon. The main building material of teak columns were left after the reconstruction of the old Palace.

Powerful pillars were literally driven into the bottom of the shallow lake, each post was numbered.

U Pain bridge, Myanmar One of the important distinguishing features of the design is the lack of a handrail makes crossing extremely dangerous. The bridge height is more than twice the height of a man, so falling to the bottom of the lake, covered with sharp stones can turn into a tragedy. It seems that local residents, such danger does not bother, they move across the bridge with a huge load and even bicycles. The length of this unique bridge, which is used daily by hundreds of local residents, is about 1 200 meters, it is located at 4.5 meters above the water. The unique teak bridge is incredibly popular with tourists. Travellers who wish to make spectacular photos of U Pain bridge, you should visit it at sunset.

8. Hanging Bridge Of Ghasa, Nepal

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Located in Nepal, the hanging bridge of ghasa is among those facilities, the mere appearance of which is breathtaking. It is located near the eponymous village and is actively used for ferrying not only people, but also cattle. For local residents, the husbandry has for many years been the main means of livelihood, that is a huge number of Pets and led them to the construction of the bridge.

Prior to this, herds of animals were constantly accumulated in and around the village, almost completely occupying the narrow mountain roads. Today, hundreds of shepherds and animals move freely across the bridge and get access to picturesque pastures.

The narrow bridge is laid at a great height, he is also quite narrow and extremely unstable to wind gusts, which occur regularly in this area. Pass by swaying in the wind bridge has become a familiar event for locals that dare, not all travelers. Despite the fact that the bridge looks quite fragile and badly shaken, he is very reliable and, importantly, equipped with high railings. The animals behaved on the bridge quietly, some shepherds put blinders due to the flaps animals overcome obstacles safely and are not distracted by the opening of the bridge, the scenery of the Himalayas.

9. Bridges Ruth Bridges, India

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Bridges constructed from living tree roots are not rare for India. Such bridges are not built, they literally grow from the strong roots of the rubber tree. To begin to raise the bridge enough to throw across the river wire frame and watch closely to the mighty roots of the trees entwining it evenly. On the “construction” of the bridge may take a few decades, bridges from living tree roots can be tens of meters. Authors of this unusual construction technology of bridges are the representatives of the Khasi tribe, hundreds of years ago, thus they facilitate communication between the banks of rapid rivers.

In this amazing craft local residents have achieved great heights with each passing year, bridges Ruth Bridges become stronger, they don’t need repair. Among the distinctive features of such bridges small height and small weight, the middle of the bridge it is not more than 25 kg. it is Surprising that such a bridge can withstand several adults. Despite the above mentioned features of “living bridges” to walk through it not cease to be dangerous. A fragile network of live roots can literally explode under foot at any moment. Given that the bridges are very narrow and the railings in their design is not provided, loss of balance will inevitably lead to the fall.

10. Kotmale OYA Bridge, Sri Lanka

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Extreme bridge there and in Sri Lanka, Kotmale OYA goes through the turbulent and muddy river of the same name. The bridge was built a long time ago, so wooden boards have become dilapidated, and between them was formed the impressive sizes of the holes. The relative strength of the bridge provide railings, made of steel rods, release of which during the transition do not risk even the locals.

Kotmale OYA bridge is located in an incredibly beautiful natural setting, surrounded by dense tropical undergrowth, but because the old structure is not overlooked by modern tourists. Them the old bridge is interesting, first of all, as an extreme attraction. Dilapidated Board that can collapse under foot at any time, a low rail and a torrent of rapid water at the bottom, which can not resist even large stones to decide to pass on the bridge, it will take enormous courage and an irresistible craving for adventure.

11. Bridge Sarawak, Malaysia

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

On the Malaysian island of Borneo have a unique bridge in Sarawak, the name he received in honor of the nearby village. Bridge design is truly unique, it is completely built of bamboo, the branches of which are attached by thin wires. Located at an angle to the base of the railings make the bridge even more extreme, it is also worth noting that the design is quite fragile and can not withstand more than two adults.

When somebody steps on the bridge people, the design begins to wobble, the main danger for crossing the bridge people are huge gaps between the bamboo stalks. Hold the so-called “railings” are very uncomfortable, they are designed not to do this, and to make the structure more balanced. One wrong move, and avoid exploring the emerald waters passing under the bridge of the river will be difficult. It is noteworthy that in one of the parks of Borneo has the exact layout of the bridge in Sarawak, for locals it has become a national symbol.

12. Bridge Keshwa Chuck, Peru

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Length: 36 meters.

Preserved on the planet and dangerous rope bridges, one of them is in Peru. Bridge Keshwa Chuck for many travellers is known by a different name – Rope bridge of the Incas, for the first time such a bridge was started to build during the reign of the Inca Empire. The secret of the longevity and durability of bridges is very simple, they were constructed using durable vines and twigs that were weaved into tight ropes. Hundreds of years ago the Incas built solid bridges with handrails, which were carefully tended and repaired. In the village there could be several bridges that were crossing a deep gorge, with the status of each bridge was watched by specially appointed people.

So far in Peru only one was preserved rope bridge, whose length is about 36 meters, it is at an altitude of 67 metres above the river Apurimac. They continue to actively use the locals every year in June, they carefully repair the bridge. For them the passage over the bridge has become a familiar, while for tourists it literally is a deadly danger. To move along a rope bridge to be very careful that he is not swayed. Thick ropes of vines, replacing the handrails are more for moral than for actual support. The loss of balance to stay on the bridge will not be easy. However, the annual repair work is not caused by the depressing condition of the bridge, for locals they have become a good tradition and a kind of tribute to the ancestors. [More — the Royal gorge Bridge]

13. Royal gorge bridge, USA

Держитесь за поручни: самые экстремальные мосты в мире. Фото

Year of creation: 1929. Length: 380 meters.

The most dangerous and impressive in the United States is considered to be a bridge over the Royal gorge in Colorado. He is one of the few bridges in the world, which originally was built for tourist purposes. The opening of the bridge took place in 1929, nearly a hundred years here are curious tourists to admire the panoramic view of the Royal gorge, and flows through the bottom of the Arkansas river. For fans of extreme entertainment is the main attractive feature of the bridge height of its location and its relative resistance to wind gusts.

Royal gorge bridge, USA the Scale of construction is quite serious, with the gorge it is 291 meters, while the length of the bridge is more than 380 meters. In 1989, this unusual attraction was seriously improved; now the bridge is not so much swinging in the wind and to walk on it was much more comfortable. Travelers who admire the surroundings from the bridge is not enough, offer another surefire way to cause an adrenaline rush, bungee jumping. The main building material in the construction of the bridge served as a wooden Board, annually during construction on the bridge is replaced over 200 old boards. The maintenance of the bridge fully pays for itself, its present value is estimated at the sum more than 15 million U.S. dollars.

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