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Here you have a “green” economy

Вот вам и «зелёная» экономика

About the “green” economy in Kazakhstan, I remember actively talking commercials 6-7 years ago, so fashion was a topic talked a lot about the Aarhus Convention — the Convention of the European Economic Commission “On access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice on issues relating to the environment”. Considered to be an effective international instrument for environmental protection. In Pavlodar frequent representatives of Europe, the OSCE – and then emerged the term “Green economy”, reminds the writer “КазахЗерно.kz”.

Although fundamentally in the field nothing has changed – the power company continued to use the dirtiest technology for energy technology, combustion of coal, with corresponding emissions of tens of thousands of tons of pollutants. But then at least talking about alternative sources of energy, there is even specific projects, including local Kulibin. One of the projects that were presented were just in time for Ekibastuz area, where it is a dirty coal plant. One of the local engineers suggested its not very expensive compared to overseas, the project vetrogeneratory installation. Some time Newspapers wrote about it, and then the subject has gone to nothing.

Although the arguments cited convincing – after all, the strongest wind in the Pavlodar region, Ekibastuz just in the area, which ironically is not used darmowy the wind, and burn dozens of trains of coal daily. And in General in Pavlodar region the wind is blowing almost the whole year, hardly a day is windless. And if the state is problematic to limit coal power, the wind turbines would be possible to try to translate the countryside, farmers. Them today can do that, particularly on large farms.

But all is not so simple: another rapid burst of talk about the “green” economy occurred in the period of preparation for the EXPO in Astana. What wrote then, and when did the show, talked a lot about certain projects to install solar panels and wind turbines. And this at a time when the GRES continued to increase their power, which means more burned local coal. The population is constantly discussed about some ultra-modern electrostatic precipitators on the pipes of the power plant, and municipal purposes, too, but the essence from it has not changed – we continue to gain energy for “dirty” technologies of the 19th century and unimaginable exhausts into the atmosphere.

Last year again, were triumphant at the level of the Republic, saying that “green” economy in Kazakhstan and acquires first shape. Country record increased investments in clean energy. The most active green projects in Akmola, Atyrau, Kostanai and Zhambyl regions. Note that in regions where the winds are worse than pavlodarskie. Priority identified solar and wind farms. And in General green technologies in the past year in Kazakhstan was allegedly sent to 60 billion tenge of investments. In Pavlodar limited to the launch of several new buses to electric ones and buy new trams. As if the electricity for this transport not developed in Ekibastuz, on a dirty station. And here “green” energy, if “pure” elektroavtomat moves on the energy produced by burning coal?

Now the government say that in coming years it is expected the construction of several renewable energy facilities with the participation of investors from Russia, China, Turkey, Bulgaria and the UAE. Regional authorities through exchange AIX to release the so-called “green” bonds. They can be used to attract international investments for projects related to green energy. Last year, the regional administrations have issued government bonds by 110 billion tenge for implementation of “green” projects. Champions have the Shymkent, Atyrau and Astana, which has issued securities at 42 billion tenge. And where is Pavlodar? They say that alternative energy sources in Kazakhstan already provide 330 megawatts of power. Well maybe so…

The share of Pavlodar region here is disappointingly small: there are only eight turbines, four of which – in the demonstration zone of high energy efficiency at the University. Two belong to the NGO “Club of caravanners” and designed in conjunction with solar panels for lighting led strips at the junction of the Pavlodar-Astana highway Maikapchagai-Omsk. And two wind turbines purchased LLP “Galician”, located in the assumption area.

Director Alexander Kasitsyn generally has neprevzoidennogo flair for all things new, and that wind generators decided to buy just by counting their capabilities and aismery all with the expected effect. Bought two German generators to use free wind energy not only for the production units of the economy, but also for the inhabitants of the base village too.

It would seem, no problems, in the words of the state supports such initiatives, and a similar step seems to be already ready to do another head too – Alexander Polyakov, head of the equally well-known in the field of LLP “Pobeda”. However, the experience Kazitsyna, more precisely the history of using wind turbines alarmed. Not everything was as smooth as seen in the beginning.

What’s the problem you ask, because we have even adopted a Law “On support of renewable energy”, the guarantor of public interest in the development of “green” technologies. That’s just the law of the law, and the energy market, focused on “dirty” technologies dictated their approaches, sometimes completely marginalized the desire of business executives to contact by wind. After all, if the head of the rural agro-industries intended to use a cheap wind energy, it is important not only to reduce their energy production costs, but also try to become a participant of the energy market in the country. To sell your cheap energy into the grid.

However, it’s not so simple as we would like. KEGOK puts a lot of terms to any market participant, regardless of the origin of electricity. It turned out that it is not enough to buy a wind turbines if you want to enter the wholesale electricity market. You need to provide them with modern accounting systems, each wind turbine, and LLP “Galician” bought two. And if so, stated the experts of the “Galician”, and the automatic transmission is also necessary to install two, plus a third – that is to say, General, that works on the substation.

Okay, if that’s the case – put 25 million. Purchased and installed all the necessary equipment. Thereby fulfilling the requirements of KEGOK – Kazakhstan single of energoaparatura. But it was not enough. The fact that for a number of reasons Alexander Kasitsyn decided to buy a little second-hand wind turbines in Germany, it was cheaper than taking the new Ukrainian for a million euros each.

And here last autumn on the outskirts of the Galician installed two wind turbines, calculated that substantial costs will be repaid within five years. Moreover, while only a single turbine, the second for some reason is still used in test mode. But one generator in the first nine months generated about a million kilowatt hours of electricity. This is essentially one of too, even and large. And if earlier the electricity for the farm were paid in the range of 20 million tenge, as it is considered pretty power available, now up to three to five million a month. Obvious? Of course.

Like the to enter the single energy market, because on stage the second generator. But there it was. Magically the connection order was amended, and now the market has decided (not clear why and what considerations) to avoid generating device used. Not very fair looks and system of holding of the auction for the protection of the tariff for electricity produced by using wind generators. Exposed some sky-high requirements, but if the state, emphasize the state and not private companies, puts a priority on “green” energy, the conditions for the initiators of such projects must be made more attractive than for owners of coal stations. It is an axiom. We have the opposite. It turns out that LLP “Galician”, which even six months ago, was ready to work with a single settlement and financial center, turned out to be irrelevant. Simply all trades were recognized frustrated because of the small number of participants and insufficient total capacity of potential suppliers. And what we have in the rest: everything is very similar to the lobbying of large suppliers with environmentally problematic TPP, TPP and other plants.

In October will be the new auction for the protection of the tariff for electricity produced by using wind turbine. “Galician” will participate without much hope of success. But even if we manage to get a rate, then again on new draconian conditions, the farm will need in the next three years to buy a new power generating equipment. As if a coal station before each auction to replace their machines with new. If not, then why put artificial barriers and very costly hurdles? Not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to understand – someone who is very effectively lobbying for the interests of major stations, is far from “green” energy, but do not want to lose their profits. Moreover. What stations have developed a surplus of electricity, and then there’s “trifle” keeps getting in the way.

This is evident since ancient times. And when the large stations years were allowed at the expense of consumers use marginal rates, it is unclear what considerations are introduced. Then these rates, incidentally, is quite opaque, frosted. Tried to reduce tariffs for the population on the direct orders of the First President of the country, but no relief was. Motivated by the fact that, say, has canceled the planned increase in fares and people should dance with joy. And that, in fact, at our expense private power company carried out the modernization of enterprises, increase their power, it was forgotten.

It turns out that such “green” energy in an area where winds blow almost all year round. The peasants might with great benefit to yourself to use the wind turbines, and over time and under normal conditions – to become participants in the common energy market of the country. But there is an impression that private owners of large coal-fired plants that continue to smoke the sky hundreds of thousands of tons of emissions, don’t have competitors, even those as weak as potential owners of wind turbines.

And they all work in any case, amendments to the rules of the energy market is aimed at those who wish to use free wind energy. But then all the loud statements about the development of the country’s green economy, you will agree, seem to be just hot air. Or what is good for the southern regions of the country, is unacceptable in the home energy field? I don’t know… And while large agricultural enterprises of the region in thought – whether they repeat the ordeal Director of LLP “Galician” Alexander Kasitsyn. And that’s how men think: buy generators, and the rules will change again. Yes, it is not clear in which direction.

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