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He published the first Russian supercomputer Elbrus-8S

Corporation rostec announced the first in Russia and in the world a supercomputer on the Russian processor Elbrus. Of course, with foreign counterparts from the rating ТОР500 he never compares, but something he still does.

The names of superpc yet, but there is a performance at 7 teraflops double-precision, which allows him to perform 75 trillion floating-point operations per second. In the heart device is a processor Elbrus-8S, which quantity was not disclosed. Collecting superpc on the basis of the new Rostec directly in the server racks. According to the Executive Director of Rostec Oleg Yevtushenko, the computer can even be used for neural networks, not to mention mathematical calculations.

In the open market a supercomputer, most likely, never will be – according to preliminary data, this development is aimed at military and government agencies. It is understandable – they need security and the inability of Western espionage, and all other required performance, and therefore those selected analogues with foreign components.

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