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Has opened in the capital service of rescue dogs and cats

В столице открылась служба спасения собак и котовDozens of activists every day to help four-legged to escape from mortal danger.

The Commission of Kyiv city Council supported the petition for recognition of street cats part of the ecosystem capital, with the possibility for them to live freely in the cellars and attics of buildings. While the city authorities are ready to just live and let live animals, and in the future can arrange a separate space with food, if you have enough money in the budget.

But their salvation, including basements, with trees, sewers and ventilation systems have to deal with activists. Kiev has a team of animal rescue, which is calling as usual residents of the capital, and police or Mchsniki, seeing animals in distress. They won over 1.5 thousands of rescued four-legged.
The basement cats

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Petition in support of the right of cats per square feet in the basement — perhaps the most successful in the history of their existence in Kiev. Required 10 thousand signatures of residents of the capital gathered almost half of the allotted 90-day period. “Recently there has been a terrible trend: increasingly cats immured in basements of residential buildings. To protect animals we need to admit the outdoor cats part of the ecosystem of Kiev and ban them unjustly catch and murder, taking as an example the practice of Lviv, Warsaw and other European cities. Moreover, cats perform a very important function of natural disinfestation: the destruction of rodents — carriers of many infections,” reads the petition.

As has declared “news” the head of the Commission of the Kyiv city Council concerning housing and communal services Volodymyr Bondarenko, the petition was supported unanimously. “Holes should be opened at least in order to not accumulate explosive gases. We have instructed the Deputy Klitschko Peter Panteleev and special services to make suggestions. But in parallel need chipping animals for their registration, as well as sterilization in order to prevent uncontrolled development of the population. You also need to ensure that the cellars were unsanitary and lived homeless. There are concerns,” — said Bondarenko.

According to him, while the street animals are allowed to settle on the territory of the residential houses, but in the future it is not excluded that territory will be equipped with feeding troughs. “We are ready to consider any proposals of Kiev. The budget includes the cost of animals”, — said Bondarenko.

Incredible rescue

Actively support the petition and the members of the team of Kyiv animal rescue Animal Rescue Group, which operates almost around the clock. Last year alone, rescuers, among them — the industrial climbers, computer, auto mechanics age from 18 to 48 years, has recorded 964 of the challenge and helped to survive hundreds of cats, dogs, foxes and other four-legged inhabitants of the capital and the region. A number of these stories similar to the whole operation of the 911, with the risk to the lives of the rescuers themselves and with the assistance of special equipment.

However, most often to help the animals get lonely in a hurry an old “Volga” and used the Rafiq. “In the fall of 2015 in the area of construction on Lukyanovka I took the dog from the collector to a depth of 16 meters. During the operation, I called out that the rain started, and it means that the evacuation of the manifold is not more than two or three minutes. I accelerated, picked up the dog and heard the sound of water, I jammed the gear, I started to panic, the dog became frightened and pushed off with his paws, escaped from the hands, hanging on the collar. As the collar was samorastekayushchikhsya, the dog flew into the water. It seemed that the poor man had not saved, but later, when I got to the surface, we heard a prolonged howl from a nearby well. This was the same dog, but to save it prevented overlapping the well is a concrete slab. The builders helped to find a backhoe, moved the plate, and I again descended into the manifold and got the dog” — told us one of the founders of the rescue team Love.

According to her, the dog is alive, his name is Manuk. “Daily calls: cat tree, cat in the vent, the downed dog. No advertising we do not give. To us called from 1551 and asked if we can give our contacts in similar cases”, — continues Ljuba.

Began with mice

Senior lifeguard services Mykhaylo Storozhuk told “Vesti” that the history of the team began in late 2014, when hundreds of bats “occupied” the house on the Vineyard.

“In this house the largest colony of bats in the city. Usually they overwinter in the seams between the joints of the building, but that winter had some kind of failure: they began to fly into the entrance, scaring residents. Then I decided to help: every mouse had to catch, treat and release, — says Mikhail. — Then we learned that the MOE has banned to save the animals, then Anyone who has the skills of a veterinarian, began to rescue cats that have fallen in wells or couldn’t get off the trees,” says Michael. He he still works in the “Kyivenergo”.

Almost every day on the page of the animal rescue services of Kiev in social networks there are new emotional stories with photos “lucky”. And although the call of the rescue team is from 200 to 500 UAH, rescuers often pay visits on their own. “Animals will be saved, even if you have to work for free” — is listed on our website.

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