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Halloween’s Coming Up! 30 cosplayers Pennywise

Guess which outfit will be most popular for Halloween this year? What’s the alternative? Even in the summer it became evident that the minds of the people seriously and permanently captured the creepy clown Pennywise from the new “It”. And after the resounding success of the film in the cinema even suspect that we are witnessing the birth of a new idol in horror. So get ready, this Halloween you will see many Pennywise, good, and not very scary.

By the way, in September, discussed this topic with a friend, say, last year was dominated by the dominance of Harley Quinn of “suicide Squad”, and now there are thousands of bad parodies of bill Skarsgard. And then I assumed that there will be a cosplay crossover Harley Pennyways, and you know what… come True! One such way is in this set.

Basically the clown reincarnated girl, but the guys are also trying, and it turns out bad. A little upset photos when people are limited to make-up on her face but the collar. Damn, seem in all its glory! By the way, to apply this makeup is not so hard at the certain diligence. We previously posted a video where you can see how to make makeup Pennywise, in order to then repeat itself.

Well, returning to the selection of cosplay, tell me what you think about the girl in the bloody robe, but still with a huge knife that would be envied by Michael Myers and Chucky. What it depicts?

And how is it? Inspiring? Going to dress up like a sinister clown to the eve of All Saints Day?

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