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Group member Marilyn Manson was accused of raping his ex

Some fierce hell this year is associated with a group of shock-rocker Marilyn Manson and him personally.

Manson released a new album, but most of his (and his team) pursues a grim fate. Summer died the father of the musician and the fall itself Marilyn was seriously injured when, during a speech on him fell loose on stage decoration. No sooner had the Manson to really recover from injuries and fractures, as we have received the sad news of the death of co-founder of the band, Daisy Berkowitz.

But a black stripe for the MM is not over! The network broke new accusation of rape, which this year has set the fashion a scandal and Harvey Weinstein. You’ve probably heard that recently the actor Kevin spacey was accused that he tried to fuck a 14 year old boy? And here’s another news of this sort!

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Ex-girlfriend bass guitarist of Marilyn Manson’s Twiggy Ramirez accused him of rape. In 1990-e years, Jessica Adams was a singer in the girl group Jack Off Jill, made the acquaintance with Twiggy (whose real name is Jordy white). They began Dating, but as of now decided to recall Adams, Ramirez she was always bullied and humiliated.

The singer stirred up the past on her Facebook page. According to her, Ramirez was so damn jealous and freaking out when she talked to male friends. He cut the tires of her car, insulted the very Jessica, but one day he beat her and raped her.

He threw me on the floor, hugging my neck. I said, “No.” I said, “No.” I said it so loud that [my friend] Pete came running from the other room, to remove him from me. I was raped by someone I loved.

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For the Ramirez the implications of these revelations his ex has arrived: Marilyn Manson officially expelled Twiggy of their group. He said, “take a vacation” and will miss the tour group.

I want to spend more time with his family and focus on maintaining years of sobriety.

It is worth noting that white is leaving Marilyn Manson for the second time: in 2003, he already left the group and returned in 2008.

Jessica Adams.

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