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Governors are more popular than the President

Губернаторы будут популярнее президента

According to the FOM, since the summer of last year, the level of trust of Russians to the governors increased by 13 percentage points. It is clear why — for the last two years, the Kremlin has replaced the heads of more than half of the subjects, removing old unpopular chapters and putting them instead of the newcomers without antireytinge.

Separatism 90s, the Kremlin was able to kill when the head of state is unpopular old President was the President of the new popular. When his rating was, finally, higher ratings of the leaders of the regional opposition. That’s when the feds came a feeling of power and the historical right.

According to FOM, the countdown started. After a period of falling ratings of the Federal government is now stagnating. Looking for the summer polls, “Levada-center” on the perception of the events in Moscow, we can safely say that the erosion of the support base of the regime continues. The majority of the population to the point of view of the authorities to the protests to join refused.

Probably closer to the Duma elections, we will be in the 90’s- when the governors are more popular than the President. It can be assumed that to us and then come back the forgotten ghosts of discontent and regional separatism. Voters in the province are dissatisfied with the current excessive centralization, therefore, the requirement of decentralization will bring more political dividends. New heads of regions come to this wave at some point and saddle. They also will need their ratings to retain and to win the election. In addition, we must understand that reliance on public opinion gives the feeling of moral righteousness, and in politics it is well worth it.

No FSB in this process can not stop it, they were unable at the time to do it the KGB.

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