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Got pregnant at the age of 13 and ruined his life

Залетела в 13 лет и испортила себе жизнь

Even Nabokov wrote about jailbait whose calling is to seduce. That’s one and DOUBLETREE – now walks with a belly. If not the husband child the history would not be so interesting. In Krasnoyarsk region the seventh-grader is on the seventh week of pregnancy, and the father points to 10-year-old friend. The guy is studying in the fourth grade of another school, and, judging by social networks, is “civil marriage” with his beloved..

In the very same school say that the girl is no angel: not really learning, skips lessons and is nasty. The family generally consists on the account due to serious illness of the mother and the father’s inability to keep track of three children.

The story is a little weird and confusing. Who in our time would believe that it flew from the girl preteen? There probably involved another person older, carefully concealing his acquaintance with the nymphet. Indeed, as many say, a girl could just show up at the boy, like the teenagers at her age, but says nothing about the real culprits. After all, if “blame” is a boy he will be nothing.

However, the pediatrician says that pregnancy at such age are possible: 50 / 50, as they were able to enter reproductive age. However, many doubt it. Expertise is the father of child 10-year-old boy could be held after his birth. Besides, the doctors say that the boy before the baby can be checked on the reproductive capacity through expertise.

No matter how the situation came out, the story is all the same sad. The girl will become a mother at 14, and about childhood, the incarnation and tomfoolery you can easily forget. Anyone crazy enough to get pregnant at 13? Only the future armature, which, hopefully, courting not this boy. With the cradle robber story would look more logical, besides some kind of financial trust, while dad sits in jail for sex with a minor.

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