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Google warned about problems with the indexing of content

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The developers of Google posted a message on Twitter, according to which at the present time in work search engines have problems with indexing of new content.

This leads to the fact that in some cases the users cannot find the materials published recently.

The problem was identified yesterday, and most clearly it demonstrates how, if the search filter to choose to display records for the past hour. It is reported that when you try to search content published in the last hour editions of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, the system does not display any results. However, if you do the query without additional filter options, the search engine will show more old content that was published before.

As a result of the problems the search engines, use Google, don’t get fresh news in a timely manner. Not all new content is indexed by search engine, but this is not the only similar problem Google recently. At the beginning of last month, network sources wrote about the problems with indexing pages. Also recently fixed the problem with the indexing of the content displayed in news feeds Google, which arose because of the difficulties faced by search engines when choosing the right canonical URL.

As for the current problems, the developer team of Google Webmasters acknowledged its existence and said that more information about the incident will be published as soon as possible.

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