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Google introduced a free analogue SMS and MMS

Google представила бесплатный аналог SMS и MMS

Since that moment in the world there is SMS and MMS, it’s been more than 25 years, and during this time they are very much outdated.

In both cases, users are strongly limiting the possibilities to only send one small file, or a message of several words. If you need something more you want to pay huge amounts of money. For Telecom operators all this, of course, is extremely beneficial, but not for subscribers. In view of this, Google decided to intervene in the situation by developing a data transfer Protocol RCS, writes the with reference to

It is a free analogue SMS and MMS, but in order to use it, this must be supported by the telecommunications operator whose services are used by both parties. RCS technology is already working in the networks of approximately a dozen operators, including Vodafone in the UK who are actively testing. Today, may 24, 2019, the American Corporation Google has decided to let the world know that she has developed a modern replacement of the usual messages, including multimedia.

Messages Android app, which was updated a few hours ago to version 4.4 now displays if a specific operator SIM card which is inserted into your phone Protocol support RCS or not. If Yes, the user has the opportunity to completely free to send messages to any other subscribers who have supported this possibility. It is possible to do without an Internet connection, what is the main advantage of replacing SMS and MMS, because she even has no restrictions on the number of characters.

Apple has not added support for RCS in their smartphones, but it’s going to happen with the release of iOS iOS 13 or 14, which will be released in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Over the next five years, Google plans to make all for the sake of its corporate data transmission Protocol that will soon appear in Russia, was maintained in the greatest possible number of countries, replacing the existing SMS and MMS that do not meet the current needs of the subscribers. Remains to believe that everything will work out.

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