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Google assured of reliable data protection

Google заверил в надежной защите данныхThe company does not use email messages for advertising purposes.

The American company Google after media reports about the access of third-party developers to emails assured Gmail users reliable protection of their data.

Previously, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing a company working with Google services, wrote that the Corporation provides to hundreds of third-party developers access to the contents of users ‘ mailboxes to Gmail.

The company noted that before a third-party application accesses the data, the user must confirm the conditions in which clearly stated what data will be accessed. “We urge you to consult access conditions to grant access to any third-party application,” — said in a press release.

Google announced that user safety is the company’s priority.

“The practice of automatic processing of data has led to erroneous speculation about the fact that Google “reads” your emails. For the sake of clarity, no one at Google reads your messages, except in very rare cases, when you yourself are asking us and give consent, or when there is a need, for safety reasons, for example, in the case of investigation of errors or abuses” — quoted the Director of security of the company, Susan Frey (Suzanne Frey) to the company.

Frey stressed that the company does not use electronic communications for advertising purposes and does not receive a fee for providing developers access to the API service.

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