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Google accidentally disconnected the Internet throughout Japan

Google случайно отключил интернет по всей Японии To fix the error is gone 8 minutes

In Japan last Friday had problems with the Internet. The problem appeared because of a bug Google.

The error corrected within a few minutes, but without access to the Internet remained the majority of the population. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

As told in the press service of the company Google, was installed incorrect network settings in the dynamic routing Protocol. Due to the IP block providers, the Japanese began to send traffic to servers of a search engine.

Since Google is not an ISP and his servers are not designed to work with TC called the “left” traffic, transmitted from the devices of the Japanese data went nowhere.

At Google said that the bug fix went 8 minutes.

In spite of this failure was such that for several hours many users could not connect to the network or have observed a very low connection speed.

As a result, the Japanese could not get access to many online services, including banking and government portals, online shops and social networks.

In addition, foreign gamers could not connect to Nintendo servers.

Problems with the Internet did not lead to emergency situations, however, the interior Ministry initiated the investigation against the search engine.

The company Google has already apologized. Was this incident the result of a hardware failure or the culprit was human factor in the company have not explained.

As previously reported, the government of Japan has decided to ban the use of state agencies and regional administrations of Google Maps, arguing that on Google maps the territory of that country believes that it is purely their own, they are marked in such a way that if belonging to other States.

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