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Goodbye “Psychopaths” always ends badly (VIDEO)

In the next excerpt from Thriller Psychopaths lit Angela Trimbur, familiar to audiences for “Halloween 2” in 2009. Blondie. That’s the name of her character, and she got out, which at first glance is not quite according to plan… well, perhaps that was the plan? A couple of her in this scene is a barbel James Herbert, which you could see in the “time Loop”.

Recall the synopsis of the work:

For one blood-soaked night journey of several serial killers oddly intersect, leaving a trail of many bodies developing in the question: who of them will survive to see a new dawn?

Mickey Keating, known for the films “Park massacre” and “Darling”, wrote the script and directed the picture. And the role of psychopaths, except for Hebert and Trimbur, are Ashley bell (“the Last exorcism”), Helen Rogers (V/h/S O) and Larry Fessenden (“You’re dead!”), who is the producer of the film.

In October, the audience was presented a trailer for “Psychopaths”, and today, 2 January 2018, the tape became available on the markets “Video on demand” in the United States.

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