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Good news about the new Predator

You already know, of course, because we wrote about it: the Premiere of “Predator” be deferred for six months. But there is good news, especially for those who prefer old school effects computer graphics. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Question, what is better, CGI or prosthetics+animatronics, in fact, of course, debatable, although, judging by the current results of our thematic survey, the lion’s share of horror fans can’t stand the graphics. On the other hand, this is connected, probably, with the fact that, not very good graphics are always visible, evident and pretty annoying. But, believe it or not, however there are many films in which a clever and metered introduction of CGI so skillfully that you just don’t realize that seen, drawn on the computer. For example, in many modern horror draw blood. Sometimes the graphics just improve a picture using it in conjunction with makeup. Remember the horror Comedy “Zombie named Sean”? In one scene, a zombie fell on an iron rod, which pierced the skull of a dead man a hole and passed through. So, this scene was created using CGI, but to understand it, perhaps only when you look at additional materials to the edition of the film on DVD and Blu Ray. Here is the notorious graphics!

Whatever it was, and now in Canada, Shane black takes the new “Predator”. Given current trends in approaches to special effects, many wonder – and do not draw us alien hunter?.. The Director has found time to give a definite answer: NO. The film involved a special actor who sports on the set dressed as a Predator.

I think here is more appropriate than ever to remember that once the role of the Predator tried out Jean-Claude van Dam. The Belgian, who was hideous costume in which he dressed, and in the end just quit the job, as found the money for shooting the Thriller “blood sport”. And actor, and the suit was replaced (more on this story can be read here).

Synopsis of the new film reads:

The main character, an ex-marine finds evil alien race on Earth, but no one believes him that those things exist. His son is autistic, whom everyone bullied at school, becomes a key figure in the struggle with the Predators, because the boy knows how incredibly quick to learn languages and, apparently, will be able to understand aliens.

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