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God save the Tsar

Боже, царя храни

Academician-historian Chubaryan suggested to enter lifelong senators who will appoint Putin: that way 20-30 170. The idea, of course, rich.

Here yesterday Rossel, for example, whose West introduces baby food in a genetic weapon against the Russians: this is ready for life in the Federation Council. Or Bondarev Senator from the Kirov region, who suffered that “the child is afraid of the automatic, the child does not know what is a grenade, how to throw. Well, is it normal?” Also ready a lifetime member.

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The ideal candidate would still be Senator Arashukov, but his life is likely to be elsewhere. Although besides him there are a lot of decent people: Klishas, for example. No, you need to enter, without hesitation.

Because if you think about it, the word “life” in politics takes us back to feudalism. There is all of life: kings, princes, barons, counts. The next logical step — not lifelong and hereditary. Well, what do: how can a authoritative in all senses of a man be born unworthy son? Of course not.

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However, the following question arises: hereditary-life is required and special content, “the color of the nation”, as explained Chubaryan. And then comes the turn of head of the constitutional court Zorkin, no wonder nostalgiawesome at our main scrape — serfdom. The correction to the Constitution at least a hundred souls on brother he’ll podmahivat not looking.

In General, God save the Tsar, recently said Putin Zhirinovsky.

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