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If you believe the dubbed trailer, this superhero psychiatric Thriller will be released in Russia under the appropriate heading of “Glass”. Well, let’s hope so. To get used to the shitty “glass” turned out to be difficult.

In addition to the trailer, hold an exclusive poster of the painting with San Diego Comic-Con.

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David Dunn is chasing a supernatural creature named the Beast, formerly known as Kevin Wendell Crumb, resulting in a series of battles, and yet Elijah Prays masterfully orchestrates the events, staying in the shadows and having the secrets the weaknesses of both enemies.

And battlefield heroes and villains will be well-protected by madhouse, and thank you M. night for this Oh, no!

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Starring in the film will perform, James McAvoy (“Split”), Bruce Willis (“Unbreakable”), Anya Taylor-joy (“Split”), Samuel L. Jackson (“Unbreakable”), and they are joined by Sarah Paulson (“American horror story”).

In Russian cinemas “Glass” explode Jan 17, 2019.

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