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Girls from high society is difficult to avoid loneliness…

The American Thriller “the Institute”, in the national office referred to as the “Institute of rosewood”, four months after the release in the Homeland, reached Russian screens. According to the synopsis, the film is based on real events that took place in the clinic of the infamous “rosewood”, located in Baltimore (MD, USA). In 1937 it became clear that the staff of the hospital were sold to drugs patients the lustful fat cats as concubines, but despite a huge scandal that the clinic continued to operate until 2009. The filmmakers did not stop at the historical facts and to human trafficking are mixed inhumane medical experiments, experiments with suppression of the individual and changing consciousness, and even a secret society with the sacrifices and the orgies, and the film was moved to the end of the 19th century.

In the story, a young aristocrat Isabelle after the tragic death of his parents, is sent to be treated for his mental balance in fashion in the highest circles of the Institute “rosewood”, belonging to an old friend of the family. Her brother, concerned about changes in the behavior of girls, is conducting its own investigation and finds out a terrible secret, stored behind walls outwardly prosperous institution.

Directors paintings were made by popular actor James Franco and Pamela Romanowski. Franco starred in all previous films of his longtime girlfriend, and although Romanowski has not yet established itself as an accomplished Director, directing initiatives James Franco was pretty good, so from the worked Duo you would expect a decent Thriller. Moreover, despite a three-million budget, the creators managed to collect a whole galaxy of stars (mostly the former): Josh Duhamel, Eric Roberts, Carmen Argenziano and even Pamela Anderson (about participation of the actress learned only through her name in the credits in the film, she remained unrecognized).

Unfortunately, from the first minute it becomes clear that the picture does not represent absolutely nothing. “Institute of rosewood” turned out to be surprisingly boring and banal. Outfits of the 19th century look fake, the actors, with the exception of the main character, not even trying to portray the emotions, the plot crumpled to the obscene. Unclear motivation Isabelle: a girl who clearly suffers from idleness and not in need of treatment, a pampered person need a few hours of heavy physical labor, so far-fetched disease is not gone.

Even the presence of the eminent James Franco does not help, moreover, he as if on purpose does not hide his indifference to the project. Behind the actor hundreds of diverse roles, and James, chameleon-like, able to skillfully transform, and in films of all genres. In “the rosewood Institute” Franco played the role of the main antagonist – a local luminary, almost a genius of medicine, with pronounced sadistic, practicing non-traditional methods of treatment. James Franco is clearly overplaying his character is so unconvincing and overly theatrical, and ridiculous hair and mustache, almost conceding pride of the legendary commander Budyonny, and does look fake. These shortcomings might be attributed to the parody nature of the film, but satire isn’t even close. The picture is tedious and grim, leaving the viewer indifferent, even to the frequent nudity.

A couple of months before the release of “Institute” in rolling out the Thriller “Cure health” with a similar plot. The picture Gore Verbinski received by critics very unique, but compared to the hack of the tandem Franco-romanivs considered to be a masterpiece. Directors, no doubt, realized that the “Institute of rosewood” will be accused of unoriginality. Perhaps the bet was made on the claim to originality of the ending, but the intrigue failed. The film consists entirely of an unimaginable number of stamps, making it predictable to the point of banality.

The mere presence of Eric Roberts characterizes the level of an Institute. Once a top actor in recent years is removed only in Trishovich paintings of dubious quality, and this film is no exception. However, if you compare with his latest work, “Institute of rosewood” is a good point in his filmography. But not for James Franco, whose role has become one of the worst in his career, at least, of those of his films that I have seen. “One man band” trying to catch everywhere: he dabbled a Director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer, and has done pretty well, but “Institution” is unlikely to bring in a piggy Bank. Everywhere his aspiration to succeed is not always good, and even such a talented actor should reconsider their approach to the selection of projects.

“Institute of rosewood” turned out boring, slow and predictable, lots of cliches, killing all the suspense. It is strange to see movies of a similar level in cinemas. The picture is rather similar to the thesis of the graduate directing school than on the creation of professionals. The film will appeal to is that ardent fans of thrillers about a psychiatric hospital, and that is not all. And if you will not be sorry for the time spent, better to wait for release on video.


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