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Garden can prosecute.

Садового могут привлечь к уголовной ответственности, - ЛуценкоA Garden can impeach the mayor of the city.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko commented on the opening of criminal proceedings against officials of the Lviv city Council, particularly in respect of the mayor Andrey Sadovyi.

At the end of may last year at the dump near Lviv there was a fire and the collapse of the soil, as a result, four people were under the rubble. In addition, it was necessary to strengthen the nearby dam that has a crack.

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The bodies of three victims were found during search and rescue operations, the body of another human is still not discovered. In connection with the closing of the landfill, the lions faced problems during garbage collection. Later at the dump again caught fire, rescuers attracted aviation.

According to Lutsenko, two weeks ago in Kharkov, was completed, the examination, which found that there was no arson at Gribovichi the dump was not.

“All the talk about the fact that some special saboteurs from rival political parties have set fire to the dump, the examination is not confirmed. It was spontaneous combustion because of lack of technology. Therefore, the question of negligence of official officers of the Lviv city Council that led to this situation. The old way is — negligence. But all is compounded by the fact that we have three victims. Families have the right to ask officials of the Lviv city Council is responsible for this… right now the pretrial investigation the regional Prosecutor’s office establishes that “Who.” I can not exclude that they may be a mayor, and his deputies, and other officials”, — said the Prosecutor General of the TV channel Zik.

To the question whether in this case a political implication, as claimed by Andriy Sadovy, Lutsenko said: “I think that the problem with the waste arises not from the fact that the mayor is in opposition or coalition. Garbage simply have to be disposed of, it needs to be addressed. Andrey Ivanovich is not the first time in the post and not even a second”.

The attorney General noted that if presented with the suspicion of negligence and deaths, this “may lead to the removal of the culprit from office and criminal liability under the law.”

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