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Futuristic gadgets that exist right now. Photo

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. ФотоEvery year more and more opportunities.

People often imagine how to look for future technology-based sci-Fi movies and books (something like the hoverboard Marty McFly or lightsaber Luke Skywalker). In fact, many don’t even know what’s around today, there are many amazing gadgets and useful gizmos. Every year brilliant minds come up with fantastic ideas that can completely change the world. Of course, some ideas might just be crazy, but others can be used for centuries.

1. Underwater drone

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

Today no surprise that drones can shoot incredible footage from the sky, but what if you want to explore another vast and still virtually unknown region: the ocean. That is why underwater drone is very popular, because they can operate under water at depths up to 30 meters.

A small device similar to a submarine, can record video in 4K and lead it stream directly to your phone, which can be not only a fascinating pastime, but also help to fishermen. In Drona is a function of sonar with which it can detect fish at a distance of 40 meters and to lure her with a blue light.

2. Glasses

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

Snapchat is already one of the most popular apps in the world, and now it is developed by company Snap Inc., produced its own physical product: Spectacles. These glasses after you click record a 10-second clips that can then be uploaded to the Snapchat account. This gadget is useful because, without taking the phone out of your pocket, you can record video of everything that happens around.

Points are also stylish enough to be worn outdoors (unlike Google Glasses). However, there is some controversy regarding privacy issues when wearing glasses, since people clearly don’t like the idea that someone can take video of someone without his knowledge or approval.

3. Smart bike

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

Company LeEco created a smart bike that has some nice improvements compared to a conventional bike. Its frame is fastened a 4-inch touch screen, which displays all the necessary tips and traffic data, as well as a compass, speedometer and barometer.

The bike also boasts several lasers attached to the rudder, which create a virtual lane before riding the bike. The light will be two versions of the intelligent LeEco bikes: a road version and universal version. The wonderful thing is that the smart bike is not very different from today’s bikes, thereby reducing the risk of theft.

4. Smart bed

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

This is perhaps the most technologically advanced bed on the market. 360 smart bed that knows how to adapt itself to an ideal level of stiffness and support of the body of the person sleeping on it. While it is possible to control all the parameters related to comfort.

What’s really funny, the bed is able to recognize when a person begins to snore, then carefully lifts the top section (which is head) to prevent snoring through the night. Also the bed is able to warm the feet of the person that helps me sleep. In the morning, to the smartphone user receives detailed statistics of sleep.

5. Router

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

Core is not just a modern router for your home, but also very stylish and futuristic gadget – exactly what would many people. And it’s not just a beautiful piece: the router is equipped with security features which prevent the penetration of hackers, malware and viruses in any home gadget with Internet connection.

Since everyone has smartphones, laptops, tablets and even refrigerators connected to the Internet, this is a remarkable advantage in a world where cybercrime is a pervasive threat.

6. Shower system

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

To set the perfect temperature in the shower, every morning spent a lot of time. Now you can do it from the room with your smartphone, and set a time limit to turn off shower so you don’t stay in it too long. This device can also help those who live in countries where water is expensive, as it will prevent the waste of water.

7. Stroller

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

All love at the same time to do a few things, so the company came up with the 4moms stroller Moxi. Stroller not simply allows you to transport your child from point A to point B, but also able at this time to charge the phone (this is kinetic energy).

But this stroller has other noteworthy features such as the LCD instrument panel, which shows various data of the headlights and taillights, and a fully adjustable seat and handlebar.

8. Camera from Polaroid

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

Although the Polaroid company was famous for its cameras in the past, in the twenty-first century, it is not in place, creating an Instaprint camera Pop. She is able to instantly print photos with a size of 7.5 to 10 cm, and in a modern and elegant design. Pop can also shoot video in 1080p HD, making it ideal for parties and travel.

9. Touch screen

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

Certainly, many would like to feel the material of the clothes before buying it online. It has now become possible through the touch screen Tanvas. The company has partnered with clothing brand Bonobos, so directly on the smartphone now you can “feel” the texture of the clothes before buying.

10. Kitchen helper

Футуристические гаджеты, которые существуют уже сейчас. Фото

Device Hello Egg is designed specifically for use in the kitchen, where it will help you to plan your menu for the week and organizes a shopping list and suggest recipes while cooking.


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