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There is no escape, yet this society continues to exist

We have the power less disgusting than society. Power, sooner or later, reveals its own deformity. Power, in any case, not forever, as history shows. And the company insists on its cultural exceptionalism, but it creates such monsters, against which monsters Goya seem to be angels. Here no one is …

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On Mars there may exist favorable conditions for life

The researchers have simulated the past of the red planet. Mexican scientists have conducted a series of experiments based on the data collected by the Curiosity Rover, which allowed them to explain the past of the red planet. According to researchers, the asteroid strikes on Mars could create a planet …

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Sea monsters that actually exist. Photo

Creepy catch of the Novel Fedortsova. At the end of 2016 in Runet drew attention to the Twitter Novel Fedortsova. He works on a fishing trawler and publishes the most unusual specimens of marine life that catch among catch. A year later, the novel leads not only Twitter, but also …

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