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Funny jokes for a great start of the week

Boost your good mood.

We offer you to read short jokes and enjoy moments of laughter and good mood.

Let all the negativity wash away, all the sadness will fade and the sorrow will disappear. Uplifting yourself and your family, through satire and humor.

The firm is looking for a new accountant… And old too.


Accountant Ivanov when applying for a passport out of habit put the signature of its Director.
Stilettos – a strange thing: the store is conveniently on the street – no!


Still can’t understand how pain relief tablet understand where I have pain?


No one knows how to pose faces as a plastic surgeon!


Getting old is when food time comes something hard and you think: “not only a piece of the tooth.”


– It is necessary to remove all the magnets off the fridge… That’s probably them me all the time attract to him…


Women had to learn a galloping horse to stop, so the Prince rode past…


The mirror is a tool that helps a woman to be late!


– Modesty makes the man.
– Yes, in a gray color.

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