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From the accounts of WikiLeaks disappeared $ 25 million in bitcoins

Со счетов WikiLeaks исчезли 25 миллионов долларов в биткоинахThe organization can obtain bitcoins as a sacrifice.

Since 2011, WikiLeaks has provided the possibility of sacrificing in bitcoins.

Despite the fact that bitcoin is considered an anonymous currency, the blockchain, is “open book” on which you can trace all transactions that did two independent experts.

As noted by James ball , a journalist and former employee of WikiLeaks, in December 2013 he who controls the bitcoin wallet organizations, traveled about 3,000 bitcoins (at that time at the rate of $ 800 per bitcoin) to other accounts. On account of remained 1.5 bitcoins, or about 23 thousand dollars.

According to experts, a number of bitcoin wallets has received a significant amount from the main wallet of WikiLeaks – 1500 bitcoins, or more than $ 25 million at the current exchange rate of the cryptocurrency.

Experts added that there’s about a dozen svjatnyj accounts, which store about 60 bitcoins, there are over 700 thousand dollars.

It is likely that WikiLeaks had not transferred their bitcoins to someone, and just sent them to another account. But Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, this situation is not commented.

As the newspaper notes, the lack of information about how these funds are being used, raises questions about the transparency of the organization in terms of their own finances.

WikiLeaks is an international organization dealing with leaks of classified information and its subsequent publication on its website. Sources always remain anonymous. The organization was founded in December 2006 by the efforts of Australian Julian Assange.

Including WikiLeaks released documents relating to Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs, Dmytro Firtash, Yuriy Lutsenko and others.

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