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Fresh rumors about a “Jeepers creepers 3”

Since the official news about this movie yet, continue to regale you with the news is not official, passing the category “gossip”. What does it mean? Yes only that these news are may be fake, that has already happened. For example, ten days ago we threatened that soon there will be a trailer, and the trailer is still there.

And now, as they say – believe it or not. The truth, we learn not earlier, than watch “Jeepers creepers 3” (Jeepers Creepers 3). Source of information – anonymous insider. It appeared on the website Upcoming Horror Movies, we got through the memory reader Wife Utesovu, like a number of previous rumors.

And – ATTENTION! – this information may contain fat-Prairie SPOILERS, so read further at your own risk.

So, in the first place. The Origin Of The Creeper. We will show it in the 15th century as the old doctor, who dreams of immortality. The doctor turns to an old witch, but she pays fake money, so that, though, and makes him immortal, but cursed. Hence knowledge of the monster in human anatomy.

Secondly. This is the witch herself is also immortal, and by the time when they develop the film, the old woman is still alive. It displays Creeper out of hibernation every 23rd spring for 23 days. The only way to kill a Creeper is to kill the witch and it will happen in the fourth part, the script is reportedly already written.

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Third. In the story the important role will play the character of Sergeant Tubbs. He finds the body of Darry from the first film. We will show the funeral of Derry, where there is a character played by actress Meg foster – her character knows a lot about Creeper, and witch.

Fourth. Actor Stan Shaw plays the Sheriff on behalf of Tashtego who is chasing the Creeper with as long as he took his wife 23 years ago. The film will be a scene where the Sheriff talks about how to kill Creeper: you need to take the truck Creeper (he is a COP), put someone behind the wheel and to send on the highway. The idea of the Sheriff is that the Creeper will come to pick up your car, and the police catch him in a trap to knock out a monster shit. The Sheriff’s plan fails, because the Creeper will roll the car and kill the cops who were hiding inside the truck. He Tashtego escape and Creeper received several bullets, will not to pursue it.

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Fifth. The film will be a scene in which the Creeper sitting on the branch of a tree and sharpens the blade of an axe.

Sixth. Our monster will find his voice (!!!). From Creeper we hear that he has kidnapped the Sheriff’s wife.

Seventh. At the end Tashtego try to fight the Creeper one on one and be killed, the monster will literally pierce right through him with his fist. Then Creeper will overcome and Sergeant Tubbs, hide them both in the truck, set fire to the car and fly away (we remember that he can fly). Tubbs will have time to get out before the car explodes.

Eighth. At the end of the movie trish, povzroslevshaya the heroine of the first part, visit Tubbs in a hospital bed. In the fourth part, the two men continue the hunt for the monster.

And last – what, perhaps, gives the answer to the question why is still in the Network appeared the official shots and video. Work spetseffekty, color correction and other post-production-the works are still going on and will end only by the end of summer or even early autumn.

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