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Fresh poster of “mom!” to gather feedback

And you watched a new film by Darren Aronofsky? “Mama!” (mother!) rental for a week, and it was not so good. Being the Creator of the “Black Swan” made a movie “not for everyone”, it was clear from the beginning, but the mass audience still unhappy. “mom!” scolded, put low scores, and marketers creatively using the negative in the campaign.

This, of course, but also people from the film in awe. Or in shock. Or something else, but with a plus sign. In General, those who do not need a movie to defend, because for him already and the Studio has put a word in with the Director and leading lady Jennifer Lawrence. Allegedly, the film was supposed to be bold and daring, this isn’t some bubble gum for the brain, there is a metaphor with allegory, not to pull everything. The important thing is that the movie people don’t care: love it and hate it like nothing. In short, all according to plan. Only the weak start in hire hardly the creators happy, whatever they said.

In the Network appeared the new poster of “mom!” with excerpts from the opinions/reviews. Some phrases can be interpreted in two ways, and the heroine’s face, Lawrence is divided into two parts: on the one everything is fine, and the second with cuts and bruises. That movie is the same story: some call him a genius, and someone kicked. Look “mother!” choose your half!

Recall that this…

…The dramatic story of a young couple whose relationship is tested for strength, when the heroes show up uninvited guests at the nines Deplete their quiet life.

The film a rating of R, Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer and ed Harris in the cast. In the national office from September 14, you can still get to the session.

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