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Freddy Krueger and everything (VIDEO)

Let these short cartoons are not high skill, but they have Leather face, Chucky, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and a sea of tin!

A Sonny Fernandez has created a series of short films under the title Twisted Tales Down. It’s something like “Tales from the crypt”, only with the participation of the iconic characters of horror. All this is implemented with the help of a truly terrible primitive animation, but hell, releases of this show get pulled in. First, the man tries over cold scenes, and secondly, and most importantly, it looks like interesting sketches for the movie. Much of what I saw in the releases Down Twisted Tales I would like to see on the big screens with appropriate special effects and other nishtyak.

For example, in a series about Freddy the author clearly showed that cuts to the very point of this kynoselen (unlike the makers of the remake of 2010, for example). Nothing really new here do not offer, but all of these points to the house, eats girl and dead bodies, pointing the way, it’s cool and might use it for something more serious.

In short, enjoy!

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