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Freddy in the country – to the warmth and luck!

Confess, who have rural property? Cottage, a house in the village, a huge mansion, where is the pagan cult? The advantages of camping are obvious: fresh air, BBQ, no neighbors behind the wall. And there’s a good campfires. We remember that on the fire you can watch endlessly. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The British company Burned by Design LTD specializiruetsya to manufacture creative stoves and bowls for the fire. Know these things (gas, wood burning – not the point), which is used mainly for decorative purposes? Stands on a plot of, for example, iron dragon, burning from the inside out, flashes everywhere. Warm and beautiful and not as dangerous as an open fire. Only expensive, but that is another question.

So, the guys from being Burned by Design LTD not limited to simple bowls or banal images, and creative very cool things. How do you like the helmet of Darth Vader as a similar burner? Or a flaming minion? And recently the collection was supplemented one of the iconic horror characters Freddy Krueger. In the end, it makes sense. Fire and Freddie were made for each other.

Now fans can enjoy the burning Freddy and set it where they like. On cold nights he would drive away the sinister shadows his harsh face and to give others warmth and comfort. Well, or to scare the shit out of, there could be as lucky. And this is Freddie, who is always with you, after all, design no problem to carry. In General, if you have an extra thousand bucks, keep in mind.

One, two, Freddy’s coming will keep you warm…

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