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Found “vaccine” against the virus-the extortioner

Найдена "вакцина" от вируса-вымогателяAnti-virus company Symantec claims to have found a way to stop the spread of the virus, a day earlier that the system of large Ukrainian and Russian companies and agencies.

The company’s specialists claim that to prevent infection of your computer users simply create an empty file in the folder C:Windows.

Symantec called the decision a “vaccine” against the virus Misha, which encrypts data on the user’s computer in exchange for the decryption requires to pay $ 300 in bitcoins. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In order to stop the spread of the virus on your computer, the user must create an empty file with the name “perfc” with the parameter “read-only” in the folder C:Windows.

Experts of a number of other companies working in the field of cyber security, confirm that the method works.

“Vaccine”, however, allows you to protect from virus only individual computers. However, they remain a carrier of the virus, meaning they can infect other machines on your network. How to stop a cyber attack in General, is not clear.

On Tuesday, dozens of Russian and Ukrainian companies and government agencies reported that was attacked by the virus-the extortioner. Among the Russian companies affected by the virus, it turned out, in particular, “Rosneft” and “Bashneft”.

Also about the attack on their resources announced metallurgical company Evraz and several smaller Russian companies, including food network, the Bank “home Credit” and distributors of pet food.

The forensic laboratory of Group-IB Agency RNS reported that the attack Ukrainian energy companies, including Ukrenergo, banks, including Oschadbank, several media outlets including “Correspondent” and 24-th channel Ukrainian mobile operators, a large network of gas stations, Kiev Boryspil airport and Kiev subway.

Only, according to Group-IB, the virus in Russia and Ukraine suffered more than 80 companies and agencies.

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