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Found new spy feature in Google Android smartphones

Найдена новая шпионская функция Google в Android-смартфонахThe basis of the detected spyware / functions is technology Cell ID.

Experts found in new Android spy feature that allows Google to track the location of smartphone users using cellular towers. Moreover, this function works even without GPS, and SIM card.

The company claim that this function is used to increase the speed of data transfer messages. While it is based on the Cell ID technology that allows Google to calculate the location of a smartphone user even off GPS and remove the SIM card.

Data the company pass on cell towers, which are able to fairly accurately calculate the location of users.

Experts tend to believe that this function need not to pass messages, and for more effective display advertising.

In this collection of information is Google, with all the modern devices running on Android OS. As for the technology of Cell ID, it, according to representatives of Google, used from January 2017.

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