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Foreign developers are keen on Ukrainian stroyrynok

Зарубежные девелоперы стремятся на украинский стройрынокSuch a trend will set new standards of construction, increase competition and help to clear the market of corruption.

Over the past year the interest of foreign developers to the projects in the capital of Ukraine has increased markedly. Due to this surge of activity especially relative stabilization in the country last year and growth in the number of transactions.

As the Director of Best & Seller Irina Lukhanin, the demand is primarily due to the steady shortage of good building plots. “In the city center with a great interest observed for plots 20-25 acres worth $2-3 million, in the outskirts and in the suburbs was looking for land for club houses or cottages,” she says. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the observations of the managing partner Kiev Standard Real Estate Oleg Pereginets, pent-up demand is typical for premium-class. “Last year we saw the return of buyers: in 2015 it was bought 82 apartments in the capital’s new building premium for 2016 – 157,” – he compares.

The biggest demand for land in the capital was observed, according to market participants, in advance, Podolsky, Shevchenko, Pechersk area. The formats of foreign developers in Ukraine remains diverse. Some prefer to find local partners. Other observations of Oleg Pereginets, choose the option of buying the plot. “Partnership in our conditions is very risky” – the expert believes. According to him, the projects will start soon, will be implemented on the purchased land. So, on a plot of 10 hectares will accommodate several buildings of business class with total area of 30 thousand sq. m. At the other site will build a skyscraper premium with a total area of 40 thousand square meters.

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