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Forecasters warn of a sharp deterioration in weather conditions

Синоптики предупреждают о резком ухудшении погодных условийMeteorologists warn about wet snow and wind.

Moisture resistant hooded jacket, umbrella, ski-type shoes or just athletic, but thick soles, or just fashionable but also highly thick sole, gloves, and winter tires on the car, handkerchiefs, what Advil is ibuprofen from the head – all this can be useful to residents of the West, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Vinnytsia, Odesa and Cherkasy regions.

Because here on Monday, a cold front will cause wet snow, rain, gusty winds complicated the situation on the roads (considering also Monday), the jumps in atmospheric pressure and cooling to 0 4 degrees.

In the West, precipitation can be strong – be careful.

In the East, in the Sumy region, most areas of Central and Southern will prevail, dry weather.
The temperature will be about the same both day and night, 0-4 degrees of heat, in the East 0-4 degrees of frost (at night in the East places to a -3-9 degrees).

In Kiev on Monday, probably traffic jams, because there will be sleet and rain, gusty wind. The air temperature in the capital city and the next night and tomorrow afternoon will range within 1-4 degrees Celsius. That is, after today’s quite high – according to the forecast, by the way, + 5 to + 7 degrees colder tomorrow.

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