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For the reconstruction of the Odessa beach will spend 32 million

На реконструкцию одесского пляжа потратят 32 миллионаThe beach will build an overpass for walking and Cycling.

Yesterday kicked off the online auction for the right to build new Bicycle and pedestrian overpass that will connect the health Route with the embankment on the 10th station of Big Fountain. Officials will choose a contractor that is implementing a project of 32 million UAH. Journalists have found out, how will the new object and what difficulties may arise during construction.

According to the tender documentation, the total area of the improvement will be more than 1000 square meters. Between 8th and 10th stations of the Big Fountain disassemble retaining wall of the slope and build the overpass on columns-pillars. At their base lay the tracks and the overpass will cover concrete paving slabs. Launch of operations scheduled for 11 September, but will it be possible to this date to find a contractor is unknown. “We have more than half of the tenders did not take place. We already depends nothing, all questions to the procurement system”, — said the responsible for the tender officer, municipal office road economy Gennady Delierium, adding that information on possible contractors will remain closed until the end of the auction to ensure fairness of selection.

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Video rendering of the project, in advance published on the Internet channel of the city Council, the coast in the region of 10-th station has changed noticeably. However, the pedestrian overpass is not protected from the sun but in the shade under it — Park. On the beach level, apparently, will provide space for a few shops. However, the tender does not provide for the construction of the shopping complex, and green spaces promise to preserve. To complete the work plan by the end of 2018, so most likely next summer, patrons of the beach “the Seagull” will have to bypass the construction site.

Note that the Track of health and embankments on the Great Fountain also shared fenced area around the multi-storey family health center where there are finishing works. “Our complex was designed to be able to connect the Track of health. We work on the docking sections completed”, — told us the Director of the developer Andrey Medvedev.

Excactly the idea to extend the Track of health and to improve communication between the city beaches like, but the concern is the fate of villagestyle. So, social worker Svetlana Tan believes that because of increased construction on the coast with the onset of cold weather and a decrease in the number of pedestrians on the road may start to drive construction vehicles and private cars, although the fare here is prohibited. Worried some citizens and for the final result, he says, can get something like an updated Arcadia, which is liked by not everyone.

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Odessans remember that earlier the promenade Fountain and Track health were integrated and no overpasses. Everything changed with the beginning of the development of the coast. “In my youth, I went on foot from the 16-th station of the Fountain to Arcadia and on, it was comfortable”, — says the activist Yury Nikitin, Recalling that, according to the General Plan of the city, the slopes above the sea is the territory of the Park. “I’d love to ride on the bike from the longeron to the 16-th station,” relies on the restoration of multi-kilometer walking route from Odessa Elena.

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