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For the first time in the history of Russia, the investigator went on trial for illegal search

Впервые в истории России следователь пошел под суд за незаконный обыск

A lawyer from Voronezh, who conducted an illegal search, got a criminal case against the investigator. The case will be considered by the court, writes “the Notebook”.

The apartment to lawyer Anatoly Ripinskaya came with a search warrant on October 8 last year. At 8 am the door began to break out. Ripinsky warned strangers that they are breaking the law, because to penetrate into the dwelling of a lawyer. When he opened the door, law enforcement officers did not show their identity. Only the investigator acquainted with the resolution of court on permission search. However, it was issued in respect of an ordinary citizen, but lawyers are the subjects. In addition, the investigator had no reason to conduct a search. In relation Lipinskogo were no criminal cases, he was not attracted as the defendant, even as a witness was not interrogated. The reason for the search warrant was a case of illegal sale of land 20 years ago.

During the search the police found nothing. However, after examining the documents the lawyer files on your computer, violated the attorney-client privilege. “I personally suspect that these events wearing provocative or returned as retaliation for my work, — said Ripinsky. — If simply, in everyday language, his illiteracy and the incredible feeling of permissiveness he (the investigator — approx. ed.) have caused significant damage to my reputation, the reputation of the police, not without the help of operational employees.”

The lawyer with the support of colleagues gathered evidence and appealed the court decision to permit the search. A month later, these activities were unlawful. The investigator brought to a disciplinary responsibility. The lawyer continued to collect evidence of guilt of the investigator in abuse of office. When they had accumulated enough Ripinsky wrote a statement about the criminal case. It was instituted March 19, 2019.

The investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office found in the actions of the investigator of the crime, but because the criminal case was submitted to the court. Says Ripinsky, for the first time in the history of Russia, the investigator will appear in court for an illegal search. However, he still works in the police.

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