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For guests of the Eurovision song contest, has prepared an interesting brochure

Для гостей Евровидения подготовили интересные брошюры Came to the song contest guests will distribute informality on the capital and call in Chernobyl.

The tourists who come to the capital for the Eurovision song contest will have something to occupy free time. For guests, the city government prepared information brochure. Get them for free, everyone can the tourist information centres at the airport “Kiev” (Juliani) and “Borispol”.

According to the Director of the Department of tourism KSCA Anton Taranenko, brochures multiple: map of Kiev into five foreign languages, 10 places must-visit in the city, a booklet about what events will be held during the Eurovision song contest and list of museums and galleries with work schedule. Tourists are advised to take a sightseeing tour of the city by bus (250 UAH per person), look at the capital’s murals, visit museums of history of Kiev, Bulgakov and the history of Ukraine during world war II, to look at the various cultural festivals that will take place at this time.

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Special attention is paid to information security. Brochures with rules of conduct in the capital and warnings for foreigners developed by law enforcement agencies. Them tourists are advised to always carry their passport to change currency only in banks, not to consume alcohol in public places, drink driving, not to raise the purse lying on the ground, not to become a victim of fraud. Also in the booklet are the phone numbers of rescue services, and contact the police.

“Kievprayd” has developed a brochure for people with nonconventional orientation. It is marked “friendly” to gay places — restaurants, cafes, shops and clubs. “We will post this information on the tourist website of the city,” said Taranenko. Unusual leaflets created by the Ukrainian fans of the Eurovision song contest and called them “survival Guides”. Them tourists, in particular, are advised not to take private taxi from the airport to the city, as the drivers overcharge, avoid people with exotic animals or in animal costumes, which will be “aggressive stick, offering to take pictures”. In the fan the brochures also provided a transliteration of the need, according to the creators, the use of the phrase in Ukrainian: “Pryvit!”, “Ya ne rozumiyu ukrainsku” and “Didko!”.

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By 7 may, information centres will be available and credit cards for visitors to the city. They will cost from $15 to $35. It will be possible to visit all the museums (except the Museum of history of Kiev), art installations, a sightseeing tour of the city, such as pedestrian and bus, get discounts at restaurants and ride the subway (from 3 to 5 trips). Can guests of the capital to go on a mini-tour in the Chernobyl exclusion zone for one to three days. Will cost such a trip from $83 to $249.

Для гостей Евровидения подготовили интересные брошюры

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