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Food Corporation guarantees poor health

Продовольственные корпорации гарантируют нам слабое здоровье
The documentary film “What is health”, showed that life and health are irrelevant, and even threaten the profits of meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Very difficult to believe in the corporate contempt, disclosed this movie. This movie also showed that our “dear” Supervisory Agency, as a non-profit, and government, take money from large corporations in exchange for silence about the dangers of people food and medicines. In addition, this movie exposed some of the myths. For example, it has been shown that the main factor in the development of diabetes is not sugar, and dairy products. It’s not a perfect movie, but he reveals a devastating collaboration between corporations and government that lead to human suffering.

Corporate profits more important than our health.

The documentary film “What is health”, as the world health organization and other international medical organizations, calls processed and red meat is carcinogenic. However, a powerful lobby keeps America in first place in the world for the consumption of meat. The pharmaceutical and chemical industry contribute to the poisoning of the population, supplying pesticide saturated GMO corn and GMO soy, and also milk and meat of cows heavily fed antibiotics.

“Independent” observation of the organization are employed by large corporations.

Pointing to such organizations as the American diabetes Association, American cancer society, American heart organization and the Foundation of Susan Komen, a leading film “What is health” says: “it Turns out all the major organizations in the field of health urge people to eat foods that cause the very disease with which they have to fight.” The reason for this is the financing of these organizations such as corporations Kraft Foods, Oscar Mayer, Tyson Chicken, Dannon and Yoplait Yogurts, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Subway, Domino’s and other companies manufacturing and selling of beef and dairy products.

Worse, the American medical organizations accept millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical corporations that make billions of dollars on the diseases with which they must contend. Among these corporations Pfizer, Merck, Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, and others. All these companies are interested in that we were sick and not healthy. About the devilish influence of drugs on our lives, Time magazine recently wrote: “If you become dependent on painkillers, there are pills which help you stop taking the tablets, reducing withdrawal symptoms. And if you have a relationship and from these tablets, this case also has a tablet”.

The U.S. government has partnered with large corporations.

The US government helps sell the very foods that make us sick. The Ministry of agriculture explains corporate Finance programs inspections of products, “promote the product as a whole, rather than individual companies, mean that all in the industry benefit from the growth of sales, consumer awareness and higher overall demand.” Such “checks”, but rather corporate lobbying has resulted in the food and pharmaceutical corporations use government officials to aggravate our fight against violations in the field of health protection.

We have no right to sue the corporations that make us fat and sick.

Since 1960, the average American gained 12-15 kg because of rising meat, dairy and sugar industry. But we can’t deal with this system. The so-called “Cheeseburger Law” prohibits lawsuits to corporations that is to blame for our obesity.

We have no right to know what is our food.

In violation of common sense, we don’t even have the right to know what to eat. “The dark act” denying Americans the right to know, enacted to prohibit laws to legalize the labeling of GMO products.

If we protest against the cruel treatment of animals, we are called terrorists.

The “law on the fight against terrorism in the field of animal husbandry” banned the right to free speech of animal advocates who criticize the exploitative practices in animal husbandry.

The absurdity of the capitalist approach to health.

Our medical system focuses on symptoms and not the causes of diseases. Plant-based diet promotes good health, but due to the influence of big food and pharmaceutical corporations, we eat meat and dairy products to buy medicines for the diseases caused by them. Why our schools don’t teach nutrition? Every child, every young person, every doctor needs to obtain this knowledge. We are mired in ignorance because corporations use the old slogan of the tobacco industry: “Doubt is our product”. The less we know the better for them.

Source: How the Food and Drug Companies Ensure that We Get Sick and They Make Money, Paul Buchheit, Nation of Change,, July 27, 2017.

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