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Find the funny in a terrible and win the book ;)

The next contest funny comments to photos from the Horror set a record for the number of participants and the options – they had accumulated more than 230! Alas, not all were really funny, and showed that the vote in our VK-pablik where there were no clear leaders. We still managed to choose the four most interesting option with the help of subscribers, and then the results of internal voting of the editorial staff determined the winner. The author of this review was the veteran of memory-competitions comrade VHS, which will get a special prize – the book “13 killers”.

We start the next contest, good prizes we still have. As such the book again, again anthology – Puzzle from the Myst series. Black book. The winner she can get (according to your wishes) autographed by the author and originator, since he is – that is, I is also the chief editor of Horror Zone 🙂

The rules of the game are still the same – come up with a funny caption for the still from the film – by the way, learn what this movie? One comment = one variant of the signature. A number of comments from a participant is not limited (as, I hope, there is no limit and your sense of humor).

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