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Fighters ATO established under the Donetsk consecrated flag

Бойцы АТО установили под Донецком освященный флагThe soldiers noted that the previous flag, which did not give rest to the invaders, was destroyed by mortar fire.

The Ukrainian military established near Donetsk, the Ukrainian flag, which was consecrated in the Cathedral of Vladimir.

The men believe that Ukrainian symbols, which are passed through the prayer of the Metropolitan clergy, will be a great talisman for them - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Even if the sniper will not shoot personnel, and the flag, then it is the preservation of personnel. Since the flag is consecrated, for us he really is a talisman, a talisman of our glorious position,” said the soldier APU.

The previous flag that was waving on the defence point, the terrorists threw mine.

At the same time, Ukrainian soldiers noted the activity of the invaders, who, according to them, could hold the rotation of troops in a more professional Russian military.

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