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Feel the difference

Почувствуйте разницу

I really want to be proud of our country, its brains, its culture, its achievements, its science. Does not work. Have to be proud of brains, culture and science of other countries. In particular our neighbor. Here’s the map: here we are — Putin’s pimped, but just across the river is China, which is developing, has become a world power and increasingly becomes a source of the latest developments and achievements.

In this context, one topic that applies to Putin’s Russia in full. Russia, which according to the precepts of Chubais, Putin turns into an energy superpower. Of course, this is nonsense. No it is not a superpower, and the country, katsana to crash. You know how much of Russia’s gas reserves? About thirty-five trillion cubic meters. And how many China has? About thirty-two trillion cubic meters. Well, in General, comparable.

What the Russia? Engaged in predatory pumping gas, laying pipes to the East, to the West, where may sales of gas, then hiding the income in the offshore or on adventures, but not to development. Because the Gazprom and Rosneft are in the region of 2000 rooms in the ranking of global companies that invest in science and new technologies in research and development. That is, they are speaking seriously, not doing new technologies.

What happens in China? China has developed a new technology of natural gas production, which gives the opportunity in America to make a shale revolution. But according to the amount of shale gas China ranks first in the world, twice surpassing the United States and Australia. Who develops these new technologies? Nuclear scientists, the main state laboratory of shock waves at Searscom transport University. They even use such technologies, which were developed for atomic bombs, in order to replace hydraulic fracturing technology, which at greater depths difficult of access, technology to create electric discharge concentrated-driven shock wave. But the effect is the same as during hydraulic fracturing, water, but this is much more environmentally friendly because it does not require such large amounts of water and not obvodnyy horizon of occurrence of gas or oil.

Today from its stockpile, China can produce only about 6 billion cubic meters per year, while consuming 200 billion cubic meters. 130 billion of them it produces itself, on its territory, importing the rest from Turkmenistan. By the way Putin’s idea: “Power of Siberia”, “Treasure country”, because China refused to Finance. Said please — Gazprom, creditwise, get into debt, requisitions from the Russian population, increase taxes together with Putin, build and fix the pipe myself.

Why? Because China’s strategy — a clever strategy. To navigate on their own gas, do not depend on Russia. This is all very serious geopolitical signal to our outstanding verhaftete, which doryopteris to blockade the West, turned East, to China, believing that there he will find support, protection and insurance. And China says: Sorry! That’s when your country brought to the extreme, will completely fall apart, we from your gas supply will depend not. Gas will be extracted themselves.

Affairs Department of China’s energy forecasts consumption growth of 76 percent in the next 20 years to 347 billion cubic meters. Almost all of the additional gas China plans to produce its own. Domestic production it plans to increase by 60 percent to 220 billion cubic meters. But 30 billion cubic meters of them will be shale gas.

So, really, science is the driving force of progress and development. Unfortunately, not in our country, the country of Putinism.

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