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Features iPhone 9 “merged” in the network

Характеристики  iPhone 9 "слили" в сетьiPhone 9 iPhone 9 Plus unable to 5,28 – 6,46-inch displays.

The announcement of the new iPhone 8 is expected this fall. Meanwhile, the network appeared the first information about the possibilities of next-generation smartphones Apple — iPhone 9 iPhone 9 Plus.

And, judging by this leak, Apple still dare to serious increase the diagonal screens of their smartphones. And the new iPhone 9 will be able to boast of 5.28″ screen, and iPhone 9 Plus and did get a huge display with a diagonal of 6.46 inches. In all cases Apple plans to use OLED panels. And informants believe that the company has already signed a contract to supply 180 million such screens with the Korean Samsung Display.

For comparison, shipments of OLED panels for Samsung iPhone 8 is limited to “only” 80 million. And it is possible that to meet the increased needs of Apple in the OLED screens, the Korean company will build a new plant, which will work exclusively on orders from Apple.

Other features of the new iPhone 9 iPhone 9 Plus are not specified yet. But, according to rumors, the smartphone will use micro-LED displays, production of which starts towards the end of the year.

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