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Father hand with the KGB, told about the son

Отец стрелка с Лубянки рассказал о сыне

The father of 39-year-old resident of the Moscow region Yevgeny Manyurova, arranged firing near the building of FSB on Lubyanka square on Thursday, commented on the incident involving his son. The man said that they rarely spoke, mostly on holidays. According to him, reports REN TV, he divorced his wife in 1981 and took little part in the upbringing of his son.

In an interview with “Fifth channel” Fatih of Menurow admitted that very negatively perceived incident. The man also said that his son did not drink and did not smoke. Father hand confirmed the information that the son since the childhood was fond of shooting. Speaking about the personal life of the son, the man said that my son was a girl but then they broke up. “I said, Jack does not want to get married? You under forty years. He: do not want” — remember the man.

Recall that Eugene Menurow before he opened fire at the Lubyanka. A victim of PE became one employee of the FSB, five people were injured. The arrow is eliminated.

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