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Famous Ukrainian producer came to the defense of Ivan Dorn

Известный украинский продюсер встал на защиту Ивана Дорна“Grey cardinal” of Ukrainian show-business has supported the controversial mandrel.

Former producer Ani Lorak Sergey perman, who is known as the “grey cardinal” of Ukrainian show-business, stood up for the discredit of the singer Ivan Dorn.

This is evidenced by his interview Karabas Live.

“In fact, with words that Vanya said in that interview, in my opinion, I agree 75% of Ukrainians. By their form – indeed, it was not said very well. Vanya’s way of expressing himself – he says what he thinks. This, incidentally, is the privilege to say what they think. Summarize: in fact it said Vanya, I agree with him, in the form of – Yes, it was to find other words,” said perman.

Also, the producer spoke about his proximity with the mandrel.

“Vanya is very close to me. And because we are friends with him, and because he is a cosmic talent. I am very pleased to be involved in his fate” – shared “gray cardinal” of Russian show-business.

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