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Famous artist firmly “walked” on the Ukrainian artists performing in Russia. Video

Известный художник жестко "прошелся" по украинским артистам, выступающим в РФ. ВидеоWhen Ukrainian singer he has toured in Russia, I want to strangle her, said Roitburd.

Ukrainian activists should not disrupt the tours of Russian or Pro-Russian artists – such things should be regulated by law. It is better to have an open censorship, than to pretend that it is not. You need to convey what you can do in war and what isn’t.

About this on air of the program “HARD vlashchenko” said Ukrainian artist and blogger Alexander Roitburd.

In his opinion, the state should have the right to go to court to demand the closure of a particular information resource.

“While there is a war, all sorts of things, working on the disorder in the rear, you need to stop with all the legal and sometimes illegal methods”, – says Roitburd.

Like, when he sees some of the Ukrainian sites, information about how Donbass “militias fighting punitive”, it becomes unclear why this resource is still working and why it has not yet come from the SBU.

“When Ukrainian singer went to the Kremlin, says that we are one people, gets some kind of prize from Vladimir Putin, kisses him, and then come here and make money, personally I want to strangle her. Even if it’s a friend, ” admitted the artist

However, Studio guest said: apparently, to disrupt the tour or even such Russian artists in Ukraine is not the best solution. The state should at the legislative level to regulate such things.

“It all has to be at least legally. I will tell you a terrible thing: better legal censorship, than to pretend that it is not and enter it de facto. It is better to make the rules of the game are open: there is a war, so some things can afford, and some – no, ” – said Roitburd.

Together with this decision the government is to announce a military or emergency situation in the occupied territories and to abandon the term “anti-terrorist operation”.

“ATO is to catch the terrorist. In our case, we are talking about separatism, which is supported by Russia. This is evidenced by both the President and discussed in international forums, ” stressed Roitburd.

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