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Facebook blocks 1 million accounts every day

Facebook блокирует 1 млн аккаунтов ежедневноIn the social network recognize that sometimes remove permitted content.

The security service of the social network Facebook closes daily 1 million accounts, most of which are created by spammers, scammers and people who hate.

In an interview with CNBC said the head of the security Department of the social network Alex Stamos.

However, given the fact that Facebook is used by over 2 billion people, and its developers still can’t remove all the potential “threatening” actors. In addition, they sometimes delete accounts, photos, videos or messages that are not dangerous.

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“When you have to cope with millions and millions of interactions every day, can’t work without false positives,” said Stamos.

But he stressed that even when there are some problems with removing content that had no threat – it is rather a technical problem of implementing the security policy, and not the shortcomings of the rules.

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So Stamos responded to criticisms that the rules for removal of content in Facebook too arbitrary. Besides, he noted that social networks have to take into account the legislation of many countries, users of which have their profiles.

“In some States it is very difficult to define the concept of heatersthe”, – he explained.

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